Kim Kardashian wants to eat her own placenta

Remarkable things that were said yesterday during the baby shower

Kim Kardashian placenta

Kim Kardashian revealed yesterday, or rather her mother Kris Jenner did, that she will be having a baby girl. This was also obvious from the pink cup cakes, pink decorations, and pink cotton candy. It could still have been a ploy to fool reporters, but apparently the Kardashians didn’t take it that far. How far did Kim take it? Well she had some wisdom to impart to us: Kim wants to eat her own baby girl’s placenta once the baby has been born, she thinks the baby won’t walk until it’s two years old therefore she doesn’t need to baby proof her house, and she felt a bit uncomfortable with the idea that her girl had been conceived during a period where she was still married to another man.

There was a lot of talk in the Twitter-verse that Kim is not going to be a great mother. That she is self involved, and looked very uncomfortable the whole time during the baby girl’s shower. (Maybe this had less to do with the fact that she doesn’t want the baby, and more with the fact that she is heavily pregnant.) She also was seen as a bad role model because she got her oven in the bun while married to another guy. However that marriage was such a sham, and on the rocks before it even started that it isn’t that much of a shocker. In addition most people had their knickers in a bunch because Kim stated that she wants to eat her own placenta once the baby girl is born. This hot topic, and the one where mothers disgust each other because one doesn’t breastfeed, the other breastfeeds until the child leaves home, and the last breastfeeds everywhere even in the middle of the street in plain view of everybody, is still a sore point when it comes to having babies, and raising children.

Kim is not the only one who wants to eat her placenta. Recently it came to light that January Jones had made pills out of hers, and accredited that to her surge in energy and weight loss. Many other celebrities have done the same, including ‘normal’ folk. Victoria Beckham, and Simon Cowell take the placenta thing even further; they use sheep placenta on their faces in order to look younger. (It sounds healthier than Botox but more disgusting.) Why would Kim want to eat her own  baby girl’s placenta? What are the benefits? Has it been a tradition or just something modern?

This practise is called Placentophagy, and means placenta, and eating in Greek. A lot of animals eat their placenta because it’s  reported that it contains many nutrients that were passed between mother, and baby animal, and this will be a good snack for the young mother. Another helpful thing is by eating the placenta herself, she might avoid the chance of her baby being eaten by predators. (This is because predators might get very excited when they get a whiff of the birth/new baby.) In humans it hasn’t really been established medically that eating the placenta will help in anyway. Some say it gives them energy others don’t feel any different. Al throughout history there haven’t been many signs that people actually ate it. Most stories were deemed urban legend, and others later were cleared because it has nothing to do with cannibalism. Traditional Chinese medicine does use dried placenta to cure a lot of different ailments.

In short it’s up to Kim Kardashian herself if she wants to eat her own  baby girl’s placenta. She shouldn’t do it just for the ratings but because she truly believes that it would benefit her and her baby girl.

By Georgina Pijttersen