Kim Kardashian’s stepdad Bruce Jenner calls out Kanye West


In a recent visit to the Extra TV set, the Kardashian patriach Bruce Jenner called out Kanye West saying, “Actually, I have only met him once. He’s never…he’s not around. He was in Paris the whole time writing, and he just hasn’t been around,” Bruce said referring to Kanye’s absence during Kim’s pregnancy. It has been fairly noticeable that Kanye West has been absent from Kim’s side during her pregnancy. Kanye West has in fact been busy working on his upcoming ‘Yeezus’ album in Paris. Still, Kim Kardashian’s stepdad Bruce Jenner called out Kanye West for being absent for most of Kim’s pregnacy and for only allegedly meeting him once.

Also, Bruce’s son Brody who recently joined the show, ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians,’ accompanied his father to the Extra set and said this about his stepsister Kim’s boyfriend Kanye West, “I’ve never met him. But Kim says great things about him, and so does the entire family.”

Now, Kim Kardashian has come out and spoken out about her stepdad’s words towards Kanye West saying that Bruce has met Kanye on atleast four different occasions including during Kim’s sister Kourtney’s baby shower. Kim is not the happiest person right now after Bruce’s remarks and has no idea why Bruce would say such things. She concluded by saying that Bruce Jenner has lost it and feels as if Bruce’s comments make Kanye seem as if he does not care about Kim’s family.

Also, TMZ has confirmed Kim Kardashian’s side of story through photographs and have said that both Bruce and Kanye have been present together on at least four different occasions. Including, Kourtney’s baby shower, a taping of the “X Factor,” a Clippers game, and the Kardashian family Christmas party.

-Kelly J Newson

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