Lindsay Lohan Solo in Family Counselling Let Down

Lindsay Lohan solo for the weekend

Well, Lindsay Lohan had to do her family counselling solo as her squabbling parents let her down this weekend. After all the big talk about reconciling for their daughter and letting by-gone’s be by-gone’s, at least till Lindsay gets out of rehab, was for naught.

The two battling parents say they want to support daughter Lindsay, but it appears that those wounds run pretty deep in the Lohan family tree. According to Perez Hilton, Michael and Dina Lohan got into another fight while trying to resolve some serious issue on the show The Tests.

Allegedly Michael and Dina fought on camera and she refused to take the lie detector and urine tests that are the show’s centerpiece.


It sounds like things got so bad that the Betty Ford Center cancelled the family support counseling session. Obviously the folks who run the Center don’t think it would be conducive to Lindsay’s karma or something. So despite the “need” of their loved one, it won’t happen.

Michael Lohan has said that he decided not to go as he felt it would only make matters worse. Michael said, “I didn’t want a confrontation with Dina while Lindsay is in rehab. I’ve decided to go home and see my baby.”

But his “charitable act” could have left Lindsay sitting solo with momma Lohan in the family counselling stake. Not a smooth move Mr Lohan, but it’s not just you who let Lindsay down.

Becasue Mr Lohan’s good intentions aside, it looks like his ex Dina wasn’t going to be there anyway. Of course Michael’s attention to his baby won’t be anywhere as stressful as a family visit to Lindsay. Babies don’t as a rule need family counselling, so his input can be minimal.

But why is Dina bailing?

It’s alleged that she also decided to stay away from the Betty Ford Center this weekend. So it seems that the all important family visit was scotched before the Center decided to get involved.

Which means that Lohan will be on her own this weekend. We assume that means really alone since she’s given old pal Brooke Mueller such a cold shoulder that the poor ex of Charlie Sheen (whoops, sorry; we mean Carlos Estevez) was suffering from frost bite.

Lindsay is only a month into her 90 day court-ordered rehab and she has been desperate to be moved to another clinic since day one. She got into a strop the first week she was there when the officials who run the clinic took away her ADHD medication.

With such strict rules, it may well be that the Betty Ford Center heard about Dina’s lack of cooperation on the urine sample for The Test. It certainly looks like Dina might have had something to hide that might not be a very good influence on Lindsay.

It is quite sad when two parents cannot grow up enough to set their personal issues aside and stand united for their daughter. Leaving Lindsay Lohan on her lonesome for a solo weekend with no chance of family counselling, must have left her feeling a bit let down. Perhaps she can stop avoiding her old pal Brooke and have a good cry on her shoulder. If she doesn’t mind frostbite that is.

By Michael Smith


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