Living With Amanda Bynes Like Living With Exorcist

Amanda Bynes neighbors consider living with her like living with the exorcist.
Amanda Bynes neighbors consider living with her like living with the exorcist.

Amanda Bynes has made all sorts of headlines lately, but this certainly is a strange one. According to neighbors in her apartment building, living with the Amanda Bynes  is “like living with Linda Blaire in ‘The Exorcist” as told in a story by the NYPost. This is a majorly weird accusation for multiple neighbors to make, however they do describe behaviors to support their claims.

One neighbor described awkward interactions with her in the building’s elevator, because the star “stares you out in the elevator.” Other residents described an event where Bynes knocked on another residents door, and upon it opening screamed “you’re ugly” and ran away. All seemed to agree that “residents are scared to be alone with her.”

Management has been notified of the antics, and is growing tired of them as well. The day before her arrest, management apparently had to deal with a situation in the lobby of the building resulting from Bynes running through the lobby followed by a cab driver screaming that she owed him $150.

Some exorcists nightmares come to an end however, and for residents who have had to live with Amanda Bynes, there’s may be too. The star hasn’t been seen at the building since her arrest, providing at least a temporary relief for all of the other residents. There is no word on when or if she will be returning to the apartment building.

Amanda Bynes may not actually be a living exorcist, but her father is attempting to stage an intervention with her. Rick Bynes is reportedly concerned enough with his daughters’ recent behavior that he would like to intervene in a way that would help his daughter through her recent struggles. However Amanda Bynes has no interest in participating, as she has refused to see or talk to him lately.

Perhaps the only person who still believes that there isn’t something wrong with Amanda Bynes these days is her lawyer Lee Hutton, who said recently that “Amanda’s fine. Everything has been blown way out of proportion.” With Twitter feuds, arrests, and exorcist allegations floating all around us, it seems unlikely that everything is fine for Amanda Bynes these days.

We have seen other celebrities get stuck in a downward spiral they can’t recover from, despite loved one’s attempting to help. Amy Winehouse died on July 23, 2011 as a result of a drug overdoes, even wrote a song about her father’s attempts to intervene and change her habits.

Perhaps Bynes needs to take a look at the destructive path she currently appears to be headed down, and look back on other celebrities who have taken similar spirals. Many of them were unable to get off the spiral and reestablish a sense of normalcy in their lives, making the efforts of her father to intervene potentially all the more valuable.

So living with Amanda Bynes is like living with the exorcist according to neighbors in her apartment building. Is this even the strangest thing we have heard about the star this week? One thing is for certain, it won’t be the last.

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