Man Rips off His Own Penis

High on mushrooms, an Ohio man ripped off part of his own penis outside a middle school.
High on mushrooms, an Ohio man ripped off part of his own penis outside a middle school.

A 41 year old in Columbus Ohio is recovering from injuries related to his ripping off part of his own penis. According to police, the man was high on mushrooms at the time, causing him to partake in self-deformation.

Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department officers responded to a burglar alarm at Ypsilanti Middle School around 1 am on Tuesday morning. Arriving at the school, officials saw a naked man screaming in agony outside of the building. Bleeding heavily below the waist, emergency care was immediately brought to the scene. The 41 year old man, along with his newly disconnected genitals, were transferred with him to the hospital.

Although at the scene, Sergeant Geoff Fox told reporters “He really wasn’t saying much at all — a lot of yelling and screaming. He wasn’t making sense. They couldn’t really communicate with him in terms of constructive conversation.” He also informed the media that he had broken a window but not taken anything while he was on the school grounds.

After sobering up, the man told police that he had taken hallucinogenic mushrooms earlier in the day while visiting friends who lived nearby the school. Police records do not indicate a prior history of drug use or mental health related issues.

Details of the man’s treatment or exact condition are not revealed. However after ripping off part of his own penis, the man was near death according to Fox. “In terms of vital signs, they were as low as they could go without being dead. I could only assume due to the blood loss and the shock and trauma to the body,” he said.

Police have sent in blood samples in order to ascertain whether or not anything else was in his system at the time.

There is no word yet as to any charges the man will face, perhaps ripping off part of his own genitals will be punishment enough in the incident.

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