Miguel and His Sleepless Night After Drop Kicking a Fan

Miguel and his Sleepless night
It’s been a while now, but think back to the much hyped “dropkick” that Miguel did at last months Billboard Music Awards? Well Miguel says that he’s been bother by that incident and that his nights have been pretty sleepless since he dropkicked a fan during the live performance.

We don’t know if those sleepless nights began after he found out that the kicked fan, Khyati Shah, who is waiting to find out if her medical results show any brain damage before she decides to take legal action or not.

But there is more to this story than an accidental kick to the head of a fan. It turns out that the Billboard producers told Miguel that he was not allowed to jump over the audience during his performance. The “Adorn” singer, according to TMZ actually asked the show’s producers beforehand if he could do the jump.

The producers, citing safety reasons, said no. But on the 19 May performance live performance Miguel did it anyway. With the end result being Miguel 1 – fan 0. He kicked Shah and slammed her head onto the stage. She is now saying that she, rather unsurprisingly, suffered a head injury.

Miguel got on the social network Twitter on Tuesday and tweeted, “don’tbelievethehype.” It’s not known if he was referring to the possible lawsuit from his kicked fan or something else.

The 27 year-old singer did talk to the UK website, Love Dough about the kicking incident on the live Billboard performance. he said that it, “didn’t go exactly as I planned” and that he was concerned about Shah in the hours that followed.

He went on to say that, “In the first night, I’ll you, that night I couldn’t sleep. I was worried about the girl, obviously. And wanting her to be OK, and that’s what she told me, she was OK. I was comforted by that,” he said. “But then, obviously, you never want to make mistakes on camera, in front of millions of people, on live television. But at the same time, the next day, it was OK.

“I started to deal with it, and laugh with it and roll with the punches, and that’s all you can do,” he added. “We’re human … everyone has had a moment like that in some way. It’s just that mine was on television,” he added.

Obviously, Miguel’s sleepless first night was all it took for him to get over his guilt and to “roll with the punches” and move on after he had drop kicked a fan during his live performance.

But other news about the singer’s misjudged and “not approved” leap from the stage indicate that at the time, Miguel didn’t even seem to notice that he’s hit Shah. Someone did, however, arrange for an ice pack and a backstage apology from the singer.

According to Shah’s lawyer Vip Bhola said to TMZ that, “Some of the difficulties she’s experiencing are cognitive in nature and lead to suspicion of a neurological head injury.”

Shah says that she is waiting to hear from her neurologist before making a final decision on the lawsuit.

What won’t help the singer out is the news that he’d already been told by the show’s producers that he could not make the jump. But when the performance started, Miguel simply ignored the producers and jumped anyway.

We are pretty sure that Kyati Shah will appreciate Miguel and his sleepless night after he drop kicked a fan who, he pretty much ignored after the fact. But we think that she’ll like the payout from the lawsuit a lot more.

By Michael Smith


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