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thought controls object new technology
There is a new technology being implemented that allows objects to be moved with mere thought. Scientists at the University of Minnesota have created a way to interface the power of the mind with physical reality. Using a helicopter-like machine and a computer, which reads the ‘driver’s’ mind, they have figured out a way to allow thought to drive the mechanism- without any physical touch. This is incredible and has so many more implications than are mentioned in the research reports. Originally created to support the severely disabled and those with neuromuscular disorders, this invention could potentially do so much more.

Imagine being able to pick up the phone with the simple acknowledgement of it’s ring. Imagine lights going on and off by mental suggestion, your car starting with visual imaging. With the technology available to link up mental impulses with electronic devices, the sky is the limit on how many things could be controlled this way. Is this great news or potentially dangerous?

When we begin to allow technology to enter this deeply into the power of the mind, we must ask ourselves, are we ready for such power? As advancements in science allow us to access our mental capacities directly for information and direction, it may become increasingly vital to clear the mind of excess thoughts that may interfere with transmissions. Or is it?

For now, the technology created at U of M has been programmed to pick up certain thought patterns and to respond to that input. Users wear a cap covered with electrode sensors. There is no real room for error, as the program has been designed to follow instructions and nothing else. Patients without use of their arms can now move actual objects with their thoughts alone using this amazing new technology.

I can’t help but think of the super-human ability of telekinesis when I hear about this study. How it works exactly. Could it really be that simple? Perhaps reality is advancing plainly through the ability to streamline thoughts and align with the mathematical ‘ones and zeros’ so to speak. Maybe we have been complicating things too much with all our emotional drama. Is the next step toward telekinesis nothing more than attuning to the frequency of the object in question, as is spelled out in ‘real time’ in this experiment? Could training with an invention such as this assist us in tapping into unseen potential? Or are we destined to continually rely on technology for such evolution?

Some would say that technology prepares us for a deeper wisdom emerging. The world wide web, for example, gave us all access to a world community at the touch of a button, something we could never have comprehended being able to do before it. Cell phones allowed us to instantly be reachable, any time, any place by anyone in our global community. Both of these technologies mirror supposed latent abilities in all humans.

In a larger sense, we are all connected already, by a force greater than digital optics and through that interconnectedness, it is taught  by ancient wisdom teachers, that we can both access the web of all creation as well as communicate with it via our thoughts. This is the idea behind telepathy, remote viewing, ESP and other ‘psychic powers.’ The question remains – do our scientific inventions proceed the inner awareness of innate abilities?  Or are they unrelated?

Does this new technology, which allows people without mobility to move objects with thought, serve the greater good in the evolution of the human race? Does such an invention foreshadow the coming of a time when electrodes and computer programs are no longer needed for such amazing feats? Does the crutch of engineered machines support the discovery of such abilities within ourselves, or does it trick us into believing we already have the answer and need not dive within? Food for deep contemplation.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: US News; IOP Science; Star Tribune


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