New York Mom Ran a Multi-Million Dollar Marijuana Growing Business

Marijuana Growing Business

A mother who was a pot grower in Queens, New York was arrested by federal investigators. Andrea Sanderlin a 43-year-old mother of two farmed thousands of marijuana plants in addition to her role as a parent. Sanderlin resided in her suburban home in Scarsdale, N.Y. and ran her farm from a warehouse in Queens.

The Queens warehouse had $3 million dollars’ worth of hydroponics upon the bust by officials. The warehouse facility contained state-of-the-art lighting and modernized irrigation systems. The facility was well ventilated to accommodate the growth of plants through the hydroponic process.

The facility was capable of producing over three thousand marijuana plants for the purpose of distribution. Authorities confiscated two rooms of potted marijuana and 1,000 more dried plants. Tubs, reservoirs, grow trays and pumps were all used in the grow process to generate concealed maturation processes.

Sanderlin appeared on the authority’s radar after a confidential informant identified her as a major drug dealer. The confidential informant facing conspiracy charges for marijuana distribution said Sanderlin was the operator of the Queens grow house. Businessman Scott Tater said of Sanderlin, “She was just like all the local moms here.”
Sanderlin was known on the streets as ‘Andie” and has been known to conduct business using her Mercedes SUV. She sometimes uses a white Chevy van and a black Jeep Liberty in her business empire operations. Authorities have noted her numerous transactions in relation to use of the vehicles.

Authority’s surveillance of the pot growing organization revealed multiple visits by Sanderlin to the Queens warehouse. Continued investigations revealed electric bills in the thousands of dollar cost range. It has been speculated that Sanderlin has connections to other growth houses but that determination has yet to be confirmed.
The multi-million dollar mom was arrested without incident at a separate location and booked into custody. She was charged with narcotics trafficking which carry a 10 year felony sentence. A search of Sanderlin’s suburban home revealed books on money laundering and hydroponics.

In addition, Sanderlin ran her empire as a business, Fantastic Enterprises. Records from Con Edison electric company substantiate continual billing of the company for services rendered in the thousands of dollars. Sanderlin’s attorney, Joel Winograd was not on hand to comment on the particulars of the arrest. Sanderlin who is detained at Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn is considered a flight risk. She has been denied the possibility of posting bail for the arraigned charges.

Written By: Thomas Barr Jr.