Nigella Lawson is a Super Chef and was Bullied by her Husband


nigellaShock!!! Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson got bullied by multi-millionaire art collector husband Charles Saatchi in broad daylight inside a restaurant. The shocking pictures surfaced yesterday, displaying torturous scenes where Nigella gets her throat squeezed and nose tweaked by her hubby. The “domestic goddess” got bullied by her husband and left the place in teary eyes. Nigella couldn’t even protest or pry away the powerful hands.

The source of Saatchi’s wrath is still unknown but photographs gave full view of how he tried to torture or bully his 17 year’s junior wife Nigella in a public place. And it is not just any public place but a high profile restaurant “Scott’s”, a popular seafood restaurant in full view of other customers and stuffs. The place is flanked by olive trees and box bushes but the attack was clearly seen by all, even those who were walking by the street. Their table was apparently outside as he loves to smoke. Everyone around was just shocked and irritated by this mode of domestic violence. When “domestic goddess” ( and celebrity chef) gets bullied in daylight, it does make news!!

The Sunday People newspaper carried graphic pictures with such captions as, “Glamorous TV cook Nigella Lawson looks stunned to be attacked by her art collector husband Charles Saatchi during a vicious row at their favorite London restaurant”. They added, “Her eyes are transfixed as she struggles to prise away the powerful hand squeezing her throat”. It’s truly shameful, we must say. But no one intervened to stop the “bust-up”, but someone had clicked the photographs and passed it to The People. 

One onlooker said, “Nigella was very upset. No man should do that to a woman. She raised voice and got angry but at the same time she was trying to calm him down, almost like you would calm down a child”.

At the end of drama, Saatchi left the place tight-lipped, leaving his wife sobbing at the table ans panting in agony. But stony-faced Saatchi didn’t seem to care. Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson was left to cry alone.

The witnesses were all shocked on watching such abrupt matter. One witness disclosed his shock; “Twice Nigella jerked her head backwards as if in fear”, “By the end of meal she was totally broken”, he adds. After this incident her fans are truly enraged and fruious.  Facebook and Twitter received the disgusted comments towards her hubby. Some are keen about sending him to jail.

No one really knew the marriage, his third, and her second, had gotten so rocky. She was frequently abroad in recent times to promote her shows and books while he kind of became reclusive. Nigella is 17 years his junior; she married him after the death of her first husband John Diamond. Journalist John died of throat cancer.

The actual reason of the break-up is yet to be known but it may be “the start of the endgame”. The way Saatchi left the restaurant, showed no compassion, anguish or regret. He just left her sobbing there in front of so many people. Nigella was roughed up by her hubby. If it’s the end of their marriage or the union will be continued………..they left us guessing. “Celebrity Chef Nigella Lawson got bullied by her hubby in front of everybody”, it is  shocking news for now.


Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul

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