Patriots to Sign Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow has signed with the New England Patriots to back up Tom Brady
Tim Tebow has signed with the New England Patriots to back up Tom Brady

Let the media circus begin! Tim Tebow has a new home in the NFL according to sources around the league, the New England Patriots. No word yet on what the details of his contract will be, the team hasn’t made anything official as of yet. His new home already has one of the best quarterbacks of all time, so finding a niche for himself could prove to be difficult for the former first round pick.

Tim Tebow signing with the Patriots is a confusing move for New England to make. Reports from just last month surfaced explaining to us all how Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick hates Tim Tebow as a football player. Yahoo! Sports’ Mike Silver broke the story, describing the team’s possibilities of signing Tebow asĀ “No chance. Plus, they wouldn’t like the circus that comes with it.”

The idea that future Hall of Fame Quarterback Tom Brady would have to come off the field at times in favor of Tim Tebow was preposterous to think of, a fantasy that would never exist.

Funny how things can change in such a short period of time, just 33 days after that story broke, Tebow has signed with the Patriots and Bill Belichick is now up for the challenge of bringing in the former Florida Gator star.

Apparently he won’t have to fix the incredibly quirky delivery that has plagued Tebow’s accuracy to this point in his career. Countless quarterback experts are lining up to take credit for the reinvention of Tim Tebow’s new and improved throwing motion, although we have no evidence that anything has actually changed. If it has become more conventional, the versatility he brings to the table will go through the roof.

A big of a one trick pony to this point in his career, the versatility which he mobility would otherwise bring to the table has been severely limited. The offense he ran in Denver during their miraculous playoff run in the heart of Tebowmania really should not have worked at the professional level. The read option and Wildcat exclusive playbook seemed to appear more like a high school offense than one that belongs in the pros.

He will need to develop a more well rounded game if he wants to recapture the nation’s attention as the most polarizing athlete in the world of sports. In order to see the field, he most likely will need to become more than just a decoy, displaying an ability to hit an open man deep when the defense comes up to stop him from running.

Obviously a man who knows how to win, Tebow will now join another bonafide winner when he teams up with Bill Belichick as a member of the New England Patriots. Usually not a team to welcome the media circus, perhaps they will be able to limit the exposure of Tebow during this season, giving him a chance to grow away from the spotlight and truly develop as a football player.

How exactly Tim Tebow will be used by Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots remains to be seen, significant playing time seems unlikely with Tom Brady in the lineup. He will have to make an impact on limited snaps if he wants to attract more suitors down the road in hopes of returning to a starting role in the NFL.

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