Sexual Predator Arrested in Mexico


walter lee williamsThe 500th man added to the FBI’s most wanted list just this week, has been arrested in Mexico.  Walter Lee Williams, a wanted sexual predator, was captured in Playa del Carmen, on Mexico’s Caribbean coast.

Williams, 64, has been charged with sexual exploitation of children, and of traveling to the Philippines to have sexual relations with two teenage boys.

Williams was arrested by Mexican authorities when he was spotted in a café in the coastal town, which is 43 miles south of Cancun.

Williams had been a professor at USC, teaching gender studies.

The FBI says their ‘most wanted list’ has been an extremely effective tool in capturing who they consider of some of the nation’s most dangerous suspects.

Since its inception 63 years ago, under former head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, 469 of the 500 listed fugitives have been captured.

“This has been a tremendously successful program, but one that is dependent on the willingness of concerned citizens with information to come forward and offer us their assistance,” Ron Hosko of the FBI’s criminal investigative division said.

The FBI had offered a reward of $100,000 for the arrest of Williams.  The Mexican authorities did not disclose the information that enabled them to capture Williams, and did not speculate about disbursement of the reward money.

Added only Monday, to become the 500th individual listed on the FBI’s most wanted list, a sexual predator has been arrested thanks to the Mexican authorities.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express


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