Strike by Turkish Labor Unions Supports Protestors


Prime Minister Erdogan’s security forces may have driven protestors from Taksim Square, but the demonstration is far from over.  Turkish labor unions are supporting protestors by calling for a nationwide strike.

What began nearly three weeks ago as a peaceful protest to prevent the destruction of Gezi park, developed into a full, and violent anti-government demonstration.  Police used pepper spray, water cannons and tear gas in an attempt to remove the crowds.  They grew larger.  The demonstrators responded with rocks, and as the violence escalated, Molotov cocktails.

Three people have died in the clash between government forces and the Turkish people, and over 1700 have been injured.

The people of Turkey are comprised of different ethnicities and religious beliefs.  They are mostly Islamic, but there are Catholics and Kurds as well.  They have united as one to fight against the Prime Minister’s autocratic rule.

Among the issues that have angered the people of Turkey, Erdogan has decreed that the consumption of alcohol is illegal.  The schools must teach more Islamic ideals in schools, and acts of public affection are forbidden.

Although protestors have been driven from Taksim Square, demonstrations continue throughout the city.  With the support of the nation’s labor unions, the situation is far from over.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express