Super Moon Connection to Floods, Tsunamis and Natural Disasters?

Since the beginning of time, mankind has struggled to protect itself and understand the cycles of nature, the elemental interactions, weather, and natural disasters. With the advance of civilization and technology, understanding our place in the solar system, our environmental factors and predicting weather patterns has become more analytical yet, not even science has been able to account for apparent “coincidences.” Is there a super moon connection to floods, tsunamis and natural disasters?

Science says no, there is not enough evidence to support the theory. However, not everyone is convinced that there is no connection and that science has all the answers. What we know as science today is an evolving body of knowledge and as such, has made discoveries that overturned previous theories, and debunked outdated and somewhat culturally biased philosophies once accepted as truth.

With that said, scientists do acknowledge the affect of the moon on the tides of the ocean, but does not support the hypothesis that super moons contribute directly to much of the flooding and tsunamis and quakes that affect the earth.

A super moon, also called a perigee-syzygy occurs when the sun, moon and earth line up from a specific orbital position. The moon is either full or in new moon cycle when these super moons happen; and it means the essentially the moon is closer to the earth in it’s elliptical orbit, and when full appears larger and closer to the horizon.


This month, the super full moon makes its appearance on June 23, 2013 rising above the earth at the same time that monsoons and mudslides kill 1000 people in Uttarakhand India. Add to the destruction is the flooding in Southern Alberta which displaced 75,000 people from their homes and caused the largest state of emergency in the Canadian province in over 100 years.

Coincidence? Perhaps. What we need to remember is that just because scientists say they haven’t found enough evidence to support a theory, doesn’t mean that the evidence doesn’t exist, or that the theory is forever discarded. It may be a matter of time, interest and funding from unconventional sources that accelerate the study between the two phenomena. In spite of our technological advancements, science still has much it cannot answer, and therefore to qualify something as impossible, or fantastic is in itself an anti-thesis to the principles of science itself. Every scientific discovery from building aerodynamics, to finding cures, and even space exploration began with the right brain function of imagination and wonder.

Today the answer to the question, are super moons connected to floods, tsunamis and natural disasters, is no we don’t believe so.  That answer is based on the information and evidence available, at this time, and to the perspective of the scientists that study these phenomena. In a few generations, NASA may have a different conclusion, based on advanced information gathering and data analysis. In the meantime, our incredible solar system shows us the wonders that lay just beyond our planet, and lights up the night sky bringing star gazers, esoterics, astronomers, lovers and scientists together to enjoy the show.

Full moon over the ocean
Full moon over the ocean



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