Superman Man of Steel Easter Egg (new video)


The latest information from director Zack Snyder about the new Superman movie, Man of Steel (Warner Bros.), is that there is an Easter Egg in it that teasingly suggests we might be in store for a Superman/Batman crossover movie in the future. Also, I have news about the latest video Zack has released, and you can see it below. It’s 13 minutes long, but it’s so great, it seems like it’s far less long than that!

The Easter Egg involves General Zod, the evil villain in Man of Steel. He destroys a satellite at one point in the movie, according to recent comments that Snyder made to

“The Wayne Enterprises logo is on a satellite that Zod destroys,” Snyder stated.

After Snyder revealed that the satellite was owned by Wayne Enterprises, which is, of course, owned by Bruce Wayne (Batman), a reporter for the site asked Zack if he had Lex Luther in mind to be the villain in a possible Superman 2 movie.

“I don’t know. Everything is interesting at this point. And don’t forget that Lex is out there, doing who knows what…” Zack replied.

Zack and everyone else involved with Man of Steel sought at every point as they planned and filmed the movie to make it as realistic as possible. They wanted to make the idea of someone from another planet, like Superman, seem like it could really happen in today’s world.

There will be fantastic action scenes in the movie, more so than in the 2007 effort (totally unrelated to this one), and new powers will be revealed that haven’t been shown in past Superman flicks. One will be heat vision.

Superman’s powers, most people who are fans know, are due to the Earth being in a solar system that has a yellow sun. His had a red one. The longer he stays on the Earth, the stronger he gets.

Also according to the same source,  “We will see Superman (Henry Cavill) kick a lot of ass and get his ass kicked in Man of Steel. Everyone knows Superman Returns didn’t have enough action. This will be rectified in Man of Steel. He’s also not going to be a stalker and he won’t have a son.”

Man of Steel is trying to make everything as realistic as possible. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be dark like the Batman films. Man of Steel is definitely a Superman movie, but they’re going to try and explain everything with science and logic. It’s not another comic book movie.”

Weapons will also act realistically. For example, Snyder and his team scientifically broke down a human’s strength in comparison to a Kryptonian, and how strong Superman is compared to both of them.

The team tried to depict in the movie the specific distance that each of these three would fly if they were hit by a weapon like an M40.  Superman, as the strongest of the three, will be less effected.

Still, there are limits to what Superman can do in Man of Steel. Though he can fly in space, he can’t fly for an endless amount of time.

The movie will show Kal-el (Superman’s birth name) growing up with his adopted parents, the Kents, on Earth, and how they come to care for him and love him as if he was their own child.

Lois Lane (Amy Adams) is portrayed as a reporter who is not at all afraid about reporting  directly from the front lines of wars.

She suspects that Clark Kent is more than he lets on that he is, and she goes to Smallville, where Clark’s Earthly parents are, to confront Mrs. Kent and ask her about Clark.

Superman’s father on Krypton, Jor-El,  is played by Russell Crowe. I think he will be the best actor in the role since Marlon Brando.

Laurence Fishburne is Perry White, Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s editor on The Daily Planet. He’s a great actor, and I’m looking forward to seeing him and the other actors in Man of Steel when the movie premieres on June 14.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

The latest, 13 minute Superman Man of Steel video is below: