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The Guardian Express – soon to be known as the Las Vegas Guardian Express – is unique in mainstream journalism today.  While some of the major, well-established news organizations may be influenced by government and corporate sponsor interests, The Las Vegas Guardian Express aims to deliver objective news and balanced opinion pieces that are free from the concerns of advertisers and legislators. We tell the truth about everything that affects you, even if that truth may sometimes be uncomfortable to hear.

The United States of America is in a critical stage of fighting for survival. The factors which led us to this point are many and varied: A gradual increase in the outsourcing of valuable jobs to appease corporate interests; the incremental chipping away at our freedoms and the growing attempt by politicians – both Republican and Democrat – to instill in us the mindset that those freedoms are granted by government and, thus, can be taken away by government; the increasing aloofness and detachment of our highest elected officials, some who have grown obscenely wealthy at our expense, and some who have no regard for the will or interests of We the People; the special interests that influence government policy, and the deep-rooted corruption within the banking system. All of these trends, which go back far beyond the current administration but have been perpetuated, even encouraged by it, have caused far too many to give up hope; to lose their sense of dignity and value.

The transformation of the United States to a nation of subjects who are told that they cannot exist without the cradle-to-grave support and guidance of the state has added to the decline of America, and that is not what we were promised.

As all of these developments have unfolded, very few of the ‘major’ news publications have told the truth. We have been lied to by our leaders, our bankers and our corporations. We should have been able to rely on the one institution that has, historically, been tasked with holding them all accountable- the Fourth Estate, The Media; the ultimate in ‘checks and balances.’ Some members of the media, however, have become shills for the corporations that own them or patronize them, for the federal administration or for ideological ‘special interest’ organizations.

The Guardian Express is owned by no corporation and owes no allegiance to any specific political party or ideology. Our writers, while talented, are not necessarily elite journalism school graduates. They have passion for researching, writing and telling the story – or for merely recounting the facts. They did not get here easily, though; they have had to demonstrate ability, integrity and commitment in order to become certified writers for The Guardian Express. They have had to prove that they are willing to tell the truth about things that affects you.

The influence of the mainstream media has decided elections, made careers, or ruined them, and brought down powerful figures – sometimes with justification and, sometimes, without.  We, at The Guardian Express have no special affinity with the political structure of the United States.  We have no wish to bring down the innocent, but neither will we ignore the crimes of the guilty.

Immigration, same-sex marriage, Constitutional rights, national security, education and economic policy are issues with which all Americans should be greatly concerned. We pledge to bring you the facts, as well as researched analysis and reasoned opinion. The Guardian Express is one of the few publications in America that offers you the view from every sociological and political angle. Managing Editor James Turnage says “I am not concerned with favorability.  I am obsessed with giving our readers the opportunity to make decisions based on information they receive from our publication.”

Despite the fact that we are aiming for nothing less than being the most widely read electronic media outlet in the United States, we will not compromise our principles in order to get there. We will not dictate, conceal, ignore or distort. We will instigate the growth of free thought and free opinion.

Our readers will find breaking news, entertainment and sports stories; they will find political news as well as analysis and opinion – from both Right and Left, and each side presented with equal passion; they will discover science, technology and health features; they will be provided with coverage of developing stories from around the world. The Las Vegas Guardian Express will continue to grow and to expand its reach, introducing new sections and features while remaining true to its founding principles. We value our readers and their opinions. We encourage feedback and comment, so long as it obeys the general rules of civilized discourse. We will never censor or refuse a comment unless it is obscene or is intended to deliberately incite hatred or violence.

Technology has given us the power to make our voices heard, but as the old saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility.” It is our pledge to you, our readers, that we will honor that responsibility to bring you objective, fact-based news as well as editorials that span a wide spectrum of viewpoints. We welcome everyone into the dialogue, from all ends of all spectrums- the left, the right, the moderate, the religious, the non-religious, the liberal, the conservative, and everyone in between. Our nation was founded on a similar platform. While our forefathers may have engaged in passionate shouting at each other when trying to give birth the United States, one thing they all agreed upon was that everyone had the right to speak.

This is an exciting time for us. We have come a long way in a short period of time and we are about to challenge the ‘establishment’ publications for a place at the apex of news and opinion journalism. We sincerely hope that you will join us on this journey. You will not be disappointed. The truth about everything that affects you is about to be available in one place: The Las Vegas Guardian Express.



James Tunage, Managing Editor: The Guardian Express

D. Chandler, Publisher: The Guardian Express

Graham J Noble, Chief Senior Editor, World News, Sports & Politics: The Guardian Express

Rebecca Savastio, Writer, The Guardian Express