Two Early Deliveries for Kim Kardashian and Kayne West

Rapper Kayne West "Yeezus" Album Leaks Early

Sex Kitten Kim Kardashian & Rap Legend Kayne West Welcome The Early Arrival of Their  First Child… A Baby Girl 

Kim Kardashian & Kayne West, Third Trimester
Kim Kardashian & boyfriend Kayne West Stepping Onto the Red Carpet

Congratulations to Kim Kardashian and Kayne West on the birth of your beautiful daughter, who arrived early this morning about 5 weeks early. Reports have it that the mother and child are doing well, and that her mom Kris Jenner was present this morning to welcome her newest           grand-daughter. The baby is welcomed into the new generations of Kardashians, her cousins by Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Diskick, Mason 3, Penelope 11. Kim Kardashian’s career as a socialite and reality t.v. star has been a long and controversial journey of fame and success. Kim Kardashian shot to fame in a leaked porn video years ago, with then boyfriend Ray-J. Below is edited footage of the name infamous tape with the single “I Hit It First” by Ray-J, which was a response to Kayne West’s taking the title of Kim’s number one love, and now baby father. He makes it clear in the song that Kim is welcome to return to his arms. In lieu of Kim Kardashian being initiated into the circle of matriarchy, and constantly declaring her love for Kayne, that she’s not going anywhere, except maybe the altar for nuptials with Kayne West.

The beautiful fashionista was endured a rather misogynistic fat shaming through tabloids during her pregnancy, where her every pound was reported, and critics were less than kind in their comments regarding her weight and her possible loss of Kayne West’s affections. Rumours circulated about  Kayne West stepping out with a blonde model Iggy Azalea also tested Kim’s resolve and grace under pressure.

The fashionista not only had to deal with the additional 75 pound weight gain, but also some poor choices of maternity wear. Essentially, she was a bit of a maternity mess who squeezed her body and her feet into clothing and shoes that looked extremely uncomfortable and less than flattering.

Pregnancy is always a unique experience for each woman, the physical, mental and spiritual journey of giving birth invites a transformative alchemy of energy within the mother and that energy is creating the life inside her and inviting her deeper within itself. Pregnancy and child birth are essential women’s right’s of passage, an initiation of sorts that marks having had contact with that special magic called life.

Kim-Kardashian One Day Before Birth of Daughter
Kim-Kardashian One Day Before Birth of Daughter

This photo was tweeted only a few short days ago, you can see the “glow” as they call it, on Kim Kardashian as she looks simply Goddess in this cream coloured suit jacket and forest green dressing gown. Certainly the edema in her legs and feet have been a challenge to her, and a bout with appendicitis only a few short weeks ago was a strain on Kim’s health. However, she wore it like a champ, and kept up her reality series, gained new ground in her domination of social media, of which she really is Queen Bee. All of the joys, and the trials of pregnancy are a part of the initiation, that millions of mothers experience when bringing forth their cherished bundles of joy, and Kim Kardashian was no exception. The initiation changes you, in all ways and often refines the traits and qualities of the divine feminine experience. For Kim Kardashian, femininity and sex are a natural role, but now she’s a sexy mama and business woman, which makes her a mompreneur. She even made sure to remind her fans that the love of her life, and proud Dad, has his newest album due to drop on June 18, 2013.


Much to Kayne’s chagrin, the full 10 songs from the album “Yeezus” was leaked Friday afternoon online. The good news is that so far the reviews are great! And one fan even commented that “

Patricia Lockwood: “Can’t believe the tasty beat on the sixth track of Yeezus — is the heartbeat of Kanye‘s unborn child.”

Rolling Stone magazine tweeted that the album was “brilliantly abrasive ode to himself, and gained a 4 1/2 star review. See the full review here

High profile parents Kim Kardashian & Kayne West were under constant scrutiny during the pregnancy, which to some degree is to be expected, because the people love them. With over 17,000,000 followers on twitter, and her popular reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians viewers are welcomed to share the beauty, grace and luxury of the world’s most loved and most hated socialite.

The constant attention, did begin to affect Kim a few short weeks ago, when she asked the media to back off. She was later criticized for tweeting to her fans a few photos of herself from home, after having asked for privacy. It seems to me, that the issue wasn’t so much that she was adverse to the attention, but that the journalists and photographers in question were physically threatening and imposing to her while she was carrying her daughter. Her fans are anxiously waiting to her the baby’s name, and see the first picture. In the meantime it’s an early arrival and congratulations again to Kim Kardashian and proud daddy Kayne West on the birth of their daughter and a successful early review of his Yeezus album.

by Tonnya Marisse

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