Venezuela expels Timothy Tracy accused of espionage

Obama considered the accusations against Mr. Tracy "ridiculous"

Venezuela expels Timothy Tracy accused of espionage
Caracas, Venezuela – Timothy Tracy was arrested in April of 2013. Authorities accused him of espionage and conspiracy against Venezuelan government. Tracy was detained for 45 days while he was process.

The U.S filmmaker went to Venezuela as an international observer during the recent presidential elections held in April of 2013. Tracy wanted to film and understand the political division among Venezuelan society through a documentary. Mr. Timothy was detained two times before, once recording the national palace and another while he was filming a rally pro-government. Interior Minister of Venezuela Miguel Rodriguez Torres said, “Mr. Tracy was trying to destabilize the country with the goal of starting a civil war”. BBC news informed.

Foreign Affairs between Venezuela and United States are not good since 2002 when U.S. government recognized the short–lived interim presidency of Pedro Carmona, and it deteriorated more during Chavez´s government.

Furthermore, the accusations against the American filmmaker didn´t come as a surprise; Venezuela has very strong opinions about United States and its foreign policies. While Hugo Chavez was alive, he said in the United Nations that George Bush was a devil. And now, Nicolas Maduro has said that Obama was “the chief of the devils.”

Hugo Chavez accused U.S. and the CIA of having a secret weapon (a shot that provokes cancer), and they were using it against its enemies, for instance, Nestor Kirchner (Argentina), Lula DaSilva (Brasil), Evo Morales (Bolivia) , Fernando Lugo (Paraguay) and Fidel Castro (Cuba). They were all leftist. Hugo Chavez said during a speech on December of 2011 that U.S. had found a way to get rid of the Socialist in Latinoamerica. Chavez also commented that his friend Castro warned him several times, “be careful Hugo, they tried to kill me too”.
Venezuela´s paranoia started with Hugo Chavez, who proclaimed the Bolivarian revolution, movement based on equality, no political corruption, and economic independence . Chavez, as leader of Venezuela, was always very critical of Capitalism; which is the economical model follow by most of Western societies. Chavez used to call U.S. the empire. However, today Venezuela has a new President, Chavez´s pupil, Nicolas Maduro, who won the past election. Maduro calls himself Chavista and during his campaign he invoked his predecessor´s name 7,000 times, “We are all Chavez”, as The Guardian informed. Just before the election Maduro said to the Media that Hugo Chavez talked to him through a bird, yes, a bird.

The case against Mr. Tracy opens some questions regarding the bilateral relation between both countries, Will Venezuela always doubt Americans and their agendas? Is Venezuela smart enough to keep U.S. like a frenemy?

Tracy´s released came after the meeting between U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Jaua. “They probably didn’t want any issues clouding their meeting”, said Patricia Andrade, Venezuela Awareness Foundation director. According with Variety. Timothy was going to be sent to El Rodeo, one of the worst and most cruel prisons in Venezuela.

Washington felt relived after Timothy was freed and Obama considered the accusations against him “ridiculous?”

Tracy was arrested in April at Caracas Airport as he prepared to leave the country . Tracy suppose to arrive at Miami airport. He was released due to the lack of evidence. And Rodriguez Torres said in his Twitter account, “the gringo Timothy Tracy, caught spying in our country, has been expelled from the national territory.
Timothy has worked in different documentaries before, including, “Homeland Security” for the cable network Discovery Channel. Venezuelan filmmakers appealed for Tracy´s release.