Britney Spears Wants To Give You A Taste

Cathartic One Might Say

Britney Spears Wants To Give You A Taste

Miss Spears has confirmed that this Christmas, she will compete against the biggest names in the biz, to see who is top dog. She also wants to give you a taste of her new album, but this has to wait a bit longer.

Most people voted her next album as the most anticipated event of 2013 (According to’s Mid-Year Music Awards poll). Therefore, we will definitely be in for a star-studded-bumpy-rollercoaster-musical promoting ride. Because not only is Britney dropping new music on us; Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Eminem are as well. Hopefully they will all bring something different to the table. That way we don’t have to choose. We can buy each one of their CD’s.

The one and only Britney tweeted on July 3: “Really excited 2 give u a taste of my new album… can’t wait 2 share what I’ve been working on. Going to be my most personal album ever :)”

We have already seen many sides from Britney. (We won’t go into the whole shaving head incident, problems with medication, and all around craziness.) She has a sexy side and she seems to adore her sons. (She has an eclectic fashion sense, and sometimes she doesn’t know which man would be a good partner, and who is just a fun mate for the time being.) Therefore how will this be her most personal album ever?

Will we hear Britney sing intimate songs that she sings for her sons when they have to go to bed? Wouldn’t that be great? To hear some new Southern bell night time songs? To see Britney’s maternal, and softer side? Maybe that would be a great new avenue to explore after her last album “Femme Fatal.”

When Britney is able to give a taste of her new album, we will know which direction she decided upon. But we can fantasize about it right now.

Will it be about her personal struggles. How she felt after the shaving head incident, how she felt when she was earning the money that her family depended on in the early days of her career. Maybe she will sing about the road to success, the way people change, and the deep fall down, and then how to crawl out of that hole. She might also open up about past relationships, and how much she wanted them to work out.

What do you think? How will it be personal? Would you like her to go deep? To really bare it all?  But not in the way she usually does? Isn’t it time we got to see grown up Britney? She has experienced a great deal; is she now wise enough to share those trials, and tribulations with the world.

We have seen all her sexy sides, her being playful, and full of life and youth. If she wants to surprise, and really show the world that she is still the pop princess, we all know, and love the best would be to do the opposite of what everybody is expecting. No fun, and flirty stuff, but soulful and dramatic. (A bit like Christina Aguilera with “Stronger.” ) Her fans will love her for it, and it will probably be good for Spears as well. Cathartic is the word that comes to mind.

Because doesn’t this fit Britney perfectly:

“Cause it makes me that much stronger
Makes me work a little bit harder
It makes me that much wiser
So thanks for making me a fighter
Made me learn a little bit faster
Made my skin a little bit thicker
Makes me that much smarter
So thanks for making me a fighter “

(Excerpt from ‘Fight,’ Christina Aguilera)

Lets wait, and see which direction Britney is going to take when she wants to, and is able to give us a taste of the new album.

By Georgina Pijttersen