GSP Praises Silva and MacDonald

Georges St. Pierre praised both Anderson Silva and Rory MacDonald at the UFC World Tour this week.
Georges St. Pierre praised both Anderson Silva and Rory MacDonald at the UFC World Tour this week.

Georges St. Pierre is the Welterweight champion and one of the top pound for pound fighter in the UFC today. Given that his comments should carry a good deal of influence with UFC President Dana White. Today GSP spoke out about Anderson Silva and Rory MacDonald.

Anderson Silva was upset by Chris Weidman, suffering a knockout loss and his first defeat in the octagon after setting the record for longest run as champion in UFC history. Silva had been the top pound for pound fighter for the better part of a decade, was on a 16 fight win streak going into the fight. GSP predicted that his friend and occasional training partner Chris Weidman would score the upset, however that didn’t stop him from praising Anderson Silva while in LA as part of this week’s UFC World Tour.

“I still believe Anderson Silva is the best in the world, pound for pound. Even though he [made] a mistake and got beat by Chris Weidman, I believe it was a style matchup, and he got caught. I believe he’s still the best in the world, but even the best can lose sometimes,” GSP said.

“He made me realize when I watched that fight that even the best can lose sometimes. It made me realize that what I’ve got as the world champion right now can go away in the blink of an eye. If I don’t pay attention, one punch, one submission or one mistake, it can change the whole thing.

“It made me realize I need to work very hard to maintain what I have. It gave me motivation and woke me up in a way.”

GSP and Anderson Silva had long been rumored to square off in a super-fight, however the loss to Weidman likely put an end to the dream fight fans have been calling for over the past several years. GSP giving Silva a pass shows that he is a class act, and understands how difficult it is to remain on top of the fighting world.

A new contender emerged in the welterweight division after Rory MacDonald defeated Jake Ellenberger on UFC on Fox 8 this past Saturday. MacDonald took a lot of criticism for his victory, that many fans thought to be boring. GSP admits that MacDonald is a friend, however he praised his fight just as he praised Anderson Silva.

“I believe it was a great fight. I texted Rory and said it was a great fight. He stuffed a very, very dangerous opponent in Jake Ellenberger. A lot of people give him criticism, but the truth is – and it’s not only because Rory is my friend and training partner – the truth is we all knew by watching the fight Rory was winning that fight.

“He was doing well. He was beating Jake Ellenberger. It was up to Jake to take a risk to change the momentum of that fight. If you’re winning the fight, if you’re doing well and winning, it is up to your opponent to change the momentum and to capitalize. Everyone knew he was losing the fight.”

The two friends have already agreed that they will never fight each other in the octagon, however if MacDonald continues to win, Dana White may overrule their friendly agreement.

A praise filled day for GSP at the UFC World Tour as he complimented fellow fighters Anderson Silva and Rory MacDonald despite the criticism the two have been receiving of late.

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