iPhone 7 Chips: Apple and Samsung Working Together

Apple iPhone 7

The term of necessary evil has never been more clear than now. The two roaring giants are coming together to make a Goliath out of the iPhone 7. Samsung and Apple will be working together, as Samsung holds the creating tools for the 14-nanometer chips technology.

iPhone 5S nor 6 has yet to be announced, but technology experts have learned about the deal between the two biggest electronic competitors. Apple’s other manufacturer, Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC) is in process of creating the A8 chips, suggestively for the impending release of the iPhone 6.

For those of you unaware of nanometers and how slim it is, consider this – a sheet of paper is 100,000 nanometers thick. The A9 chip will basically hold over 7,000 components on basically the thickness of a sheet a paper (enter audible wow here). Any smaller would make the iPhone 7 chips rendered useless. Apple and Samsung are literally creating the thinnest and most insanely reliable technology chip for the future device.

The iPhone 7 is hinted to be set for release late 2015, the production of the device will hit the manufacturing lines early 2015. Apple, begrudgingly had to crawl back to Samsung, after their current manufacturer TSMC could not met the advanced technology required for the future iPhone.  A report explains the history between the two techie powerhouses,

“Samsung Electronics had supplied the AP [application processor] to Apple since 2007 but lost the contract to supply 20nm AP A8 chips to Apple to Taiwan’s TSMC last year when it was engaged in patent disputes with Apple. Samsung Electronics developed state-of-the-art 14nm models ahead of its rival TSMC, regaining the order from Apple.”

Right now, TSMC is not laying down to their bigger competitor, Samsung. It is reported TSMC just signed a three year contract with Apple to create the future A8 and also review the technology to develop the A9/A9X chips. Apple seems to be playing the fence by signing both companies, to see who will come out on top, faster.

The path between Samsung and Apple has been a rocky one, especially  with the locked legal lawsuit regarding copyright infringement of Apple products by Samsung, and Samsung countering with an infringement of their wireless technology patents. It is rumored Apple invited Chief Operating Officer, Lee Jae-Young to to a memorial of Steve Jobs, late last year. The meeting showed promise of the legal woes reducing while the two companies see an equal measure of growth from one another.

TSMC may soon feel like the left bride at the altar. It speaks volumes that Apple has courted Samsung back to the board room table to discuss advanced technological methods for future iPhones. It appears TSMC is unable to meet the specifications and the capabilities as shown by the Samsung development team. Once the deal is finalized, Apple can enjoy faster production and sit back to reap the rewards of bidding wars over its business.

The Apple iPhone 5S is rumored to be released sometime in September, no word yet on final dates for the iPhone  6 or 7. For now speculation continues to rule the online social media outlets. This is a huge move for Apple and Samsung to put aside their differences to create iPhone 7 nano chips. A move that can bring both companies to the top of the technological mountain.

Angelina Bouc

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