Juicing Made Simple; then Feel the Healing!

Juicing made simple
Perhaps by this point you have heard about the amazing benefits of juicing. Anyway you slice the fruit and veggies, fresh produce gobbled up by a powerful Champion or other juicer, makes a delicious and nutritious snack, meal or cleansing agent any time! If you have been wanting to try juicing, but just haven’t known where to start, here are a few simple things to consider to get you on your way.

Choose your juicer

If you have considered juicing, perhaps you already have this one squared away, but just in case you haven’t, just a brief mention of some great juicers out there ripe for the choosing.  My personal favorite is the Champion juicer.  The motor lasts forever for the price and though it seems to have a lot of pieces, once you learn the simple art of attaching everything, it’s really quite straight forward.  The Juiceman is another good one as is the Omega juicer.  There are really quite a few out there – so if you have one other than what has been mentioned, you are likely still in good hands, as long as it turns your beautiful produce into vibrant juice and spits out the pulp for recycle.

Choose your produce

Depending on how you are going to approach the whole juicing thing could determine where you start in terms of produce.  As a general rule, it’s a good idea to start with basic fruits and veggies just to get the hang of things.  If you are approaching juicing as a cleansing practice, perhaps just pick one or two basic veggies such as carrots, beets and celery to get started.  On the fruit side of things, apples are always a great beginning juice.

In the realm of juice-fasting, it is recommended to choose just one item, maybe two to start, so your body is not overwhelmed by both the detoxing effects of fasting and the different juices entering the system.  A three-day juice fast is a good place to start, since it normally takes the body roughly 24 hours to begin it’s detoxing.  If you are brand spanking new to all of this, go ahead and just start with a day and see how you feel.  Juice fasting can really kick out the toxins into the blood stream, which is good, but isn’t always the best feeling in the world.  If you can commit to a full three days, great!  Just remember the flu-like symptoms that tend to arise by only drinking juice are a natural result of the cleanse and are termed ‘cleansing symptoms.’  Stick with it and these feelings will pass.

If you are approaching juicing as a supplement to normal eating and just want to enjoy the healthy benefits of fresh produce in this handy way, start with some carrot, beet, celery juice or maybe carrot, apple, beet.  You could always throw a small chunk of fresh ginger in there to give it a little kick.  Remember, with juicing, it is unnecessary to peel the veggies, or even take out the seeds, the juicer will do all of that.  In some cases, the skin contains a lot of the health benefits, like in watermelons.

Another delicious fruit combo is to add lemons to your apple-ginger, or maybe try orange, lemon, mint or mint, lemon, apple.  Get creative – anything that’s got some juice in it should be even better in the juicer.  Bananas – not so much.  Pears – most have some juice. Melons are great, as are strawberries.  Most berries will take quite a few before you really get any juice, so don’t hold your breath.  It’s actually better to use a different kind of juicer all together for berries.

On the veggie side of things, celery is a nice base to add to any vegetable drink, it has great electrolytes and produces a lot of juice.  Other greens that make great juice are kale, spinach, arugula (kinda spicy), fennel, bell peppers and cucumbers.  Lemon, cucumber, celery makes a nice refreshing veggie juice as does fennel, celery, arugula, cucumber.  Experiment, have fun with it.  There are so many fruits and veggies to choose from.  I always say, if you have some apples to throw in, you can never go wrong.  By that I mean, sometimes the juice turns out tasting a little funky – if you get really experimental – but the nice sweet juice of apple will usually make any drink more drinkable, if it’s in question.

What about the pulp?

The pulp is full of lots of vitamins and minerals still, so don’t throw it out!  You can always add it to muffins, pancakes, breads and other baking ventures.  The best way to keep the nutrients is in a dehydrator.  By just adding a little coconut oil, salt, some ground flax seeds and a few spices, your pulps can become amazing crackers in the dehydrator overnight!  Look on-line for various recipes of how to use your pulp most effectively.  Most importantly is not to just throw it out!  If nothing else, your plants will love it, give it to the compost.

Juicing fruits and veggies is an amazing way to get your daily servings of fresh produce in and is like a magical blood transfusion of nutrients you can get no other way.  Juicing doesn’t have to be complex, in fact, by stepping back to take in the whole picture and the benefits you’ll reap, juicing can be made into a simple addition to any routine.  It may take a time or two to get the kinks worked out, but you’ll be glad you did!  Enjoy some amazing watermelon, lime, mint juice this summer and feel the healing!

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources:PBS Need to Know; Dr. Oz and Juicing