Justin Bieber Cleared in Hit and Run but Denied Entry to NYC Nightclub

Justin bieber, hit and run, nyc nightclub

Score one for the Biebs! The ‘Boyfriend’ singer will not face charges over a hit and run charge over an incident that occurred last month. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office dropped the charges due to “[i]nsufficient evidence to prove that Bieber knowingly left the scene of collision in which someone was injured.” The singer probably felt so good after the news he wanted to hit the Griffin Nightclub in New York City, an entry he was denied and the score dropped back to zero.

Ever since break-up from ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, it seems Bieber is slowly falling down the rabbit hole. A friend close to Gomez stated that the songstress broke away from Bieber because, “Justin is super needy and can be a big baby around Selena. It’s hard for him to make real friends because he likes the temporary attention of strangers, but didn’t realize how it hurt Selena.” Since then, his behavior has only gotten worse.

  • After his breakup with Gomez, the tacky star mooned fans on Instagram, then stepped out in a ginormous studded yellow hat paired with purple leopard-print pants. ‘Lost’ executive producer Damon Lindel, became an Internet sensation after he photoshopped the hat on his Twitter avatar.
  • On his birthday March 1, Bieber had tweeted about the “worst birthday ever” after he and his entourage were denied entry inside a London nightclub (seeing a pattern here yet?) Then just a few short days later, the seemingly bratty singer showed up to his Dubai concert over two hours late. Rumor? He was refusing to give up his video games.
  • Disgustingly on March 30th, Bieber and his animalistic crew were banned from a nightclub in Vienna, after his ignorant bodyguards smashed cameras, broke cell phones and even groped some of the female fans in attendance to see Bieber. Rumors surfaced of the story, sparking anger at the out of control singer.
  • The Billboard Music Awards really emphasized the fall of the singer when he was loudly booed for winning the Milestone Award over country crooner Taylor Swift and group Bruno Mars. The actions of the baggy pants Bieber caught the eye of Jon Bon Jovi who had enough of hearing about the video game obsessor arriving late to concerts, “Do it once, you can be forgiven,” he says. “Do it enough times and shame on you. They won’t have you back. Then it just becomes a cliché. It’s really not cool – you’re an a——. Go to f—ing work!” Burn!
  • Then on June 17th, the singer went to leave in his Ferrari, with the motioning “go” of the security team. The paparazzi surrounded the star with flashing cameras. One paparazzo Damon Walter “stepped slightly in front of Bieber’s car on the right side to take another picture.” As a result, “Bieber’s car hit Walter slightly on the leg, briefly pinning  him against a car that had been parked in front of Bieber’s,” states a witness to the incident.

The D.A. dropped the charges with the final conclusion, “The Ferrari’s engine is loud. The impact was minor and given the chaotic scene and stress of the situation, it is likely that Bieber did not know he had hit Walter.” Shortly after the news Bieber headed to the Griffin Nightclub in New York and was denied entry. It wasn’t because he’s been a bad brat, but rather his age, 19, prohibited the club from allowing him entry. Even after his entourage tried paying off the bouncers. Not to be dismayed, another club allowed the crew in and reportedly, Bieber left with a couple of cougars in tow. Don’t think he’s going to win Selena back that way!

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