Moon Full and Three Planets Council

Moon full-and three planets in council

Do you pay much attention to the sky? It’s challenging when, for most of us, the night-time stars are covered by a hazy city-light coating, blocking view of nature’s regular evening show. Whether we see it or not, the stars and planets are very busy up there in the night sky, and according to some, their movement directly affects us. This weekend, as the moon slides in full – come Monday – it is doing so through the powerful planetary configurations of what astrologers call ‘a Grand Trine’ – where three planets meet in cosmic council.

What exactly is a Grand Trine? I’m no astrology expert, but apparently it is the positioning of three planets in the shape of a triangle – in relation to one another. In this way, the ‘energies’ they each represent individually are amplified and quantified by the collective synergy of the three together. It’s like three powerful people getting together for a mastermind, they are strong on their own, but when they sit down to converse in meeting – watch out! This is exactly what is happening with Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn this weekend.

What does this mean for you and me? First we have to take a look at where these planets are sitting, in terms of astrological houses – that means a lot. (Even if you are not into astrology – you have to admit it when things line up in the heavens like they do in your personal life.) For one thing, all three of these planets are sitting in, what is known to be ‘water signs.’ In other words, the sign of the zodiac they each inhabit are all ruling water signs – Neptune is in Pisces, Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio. Just like the tendencies of water – this lends to emotions running high this weekend.

This powerful council of planets are not just emotionally tied, but also represent big issues themselves, such as transformation (Neptune), expansion (Jupiter) and boundaries (Saturn). When the three of them get together, we are bound to see some upheaval and change in the way of big personal and worldwide issues. The ‘smaller’ picture is not going to work for the individual or the collective any longer, and neither is just emotional upset – we want answers!  As the moon gets full – yet another super moon – and joins into this powerful planetary configuration on Monday (also in the water sign of Scorpio), we are likely to see the bringing of responsibility down on people and systems that were not being held accountable in the past.

This weekend brings the opportunity to ‘break out’ of who we thought we were before and embrace the new, in a bigger way. It can feel strong, powerful and emotional as the planetary configuration lends to that ‘explosive’ sensation, some relate it to the energy of giving birth. Don’t be surprised if you get angry, break down crying or find yourself feeling intensely about something – it’s time! Maybe you’ve been holding back in your life with something important – relationships, family, personal growth??…not any more!  The incubation period is over, the labor is on – so let’s get busy birthing in the new!

In the nation and the world we are bound to see even more disruption and revealing issues such as the George Zimmerman acquittal and the children in India. Thank goodness Mercury just went direct, as the appearance of it moving backward – termed ‘Retrograde’ – has had a lot of us looking backward – into the past, causing us to get distracted with how things were. Today that changes, as Mercury appears to be stationary, on it’s way forward again. Time to start moving forward again personally – in our relationships and communications – time to step ahead into the new world being birthed through the powerfully nurturing energy of the full moon and three water planets in council.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: Crystal Wind Astrology; NASA Night Sky

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  1. Fraffly W. Poken   July 22, 2013 at 4:32 am

    Why is this article under the Science section? You’re talking about astrology and other new age woo, ideas that have been disproved by science and reason. This should be in the Entertainment section.

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