Muku Shuttr Bluetooth Remote Camera Shutter


With technology advancing, today we can jump a head years in just months. But what about those ideas that you may think, “Why didn’t I think of that.” With the Muku Shuttr, this s a bluetooth connected device that makes you think this. With phones becoming the all in one device. How can you take pictures without seeing your hand or finger in the way? Well, that’s where a remote would come in handy. What does Muku mean you ask? It means “passion” in Croatian and “clean” and “simple” in Japanese. This is what the team is and what their product is.

I stumbled upon this Kickstarter device. “Muku Shuttr – World’s Slimmest Remote Camera Control for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S4/S3, Notes 2, LG Nexus 4. No app needed!” This very small device looks almost like a USB stick. Instead of holding your phone up you can now make self-portraits that look more professional or at least like someone else took it. Now more are in the view or mirrors. The Muku Shuttr will come with a suction stand to stand your phone up for a better view of you. In addition, there is no more cutting someone out of your shot.

The man behind the Muku Shuttr quit his job to spend his time developing this device. This device doesn’t need any special apps or software? For specific models, it won’t need an app such as: Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Notes 2, Notes 8, Notes 10.1, LG Nexus 4. But there will be those that do need an app and that will be: HTC new one, One X+ Sony Expedia S / Z. Other phones are not recommended for this device, but if you like to test things out, I say try it. I don’t think it will ruin your phone or make it explode, or at least I hope not. They do day that Blackberry, Windows Phones and Symbian are not compatible.

Does it work with 3rd party camera app?
“So far it is tested to work with Camera+ and 645 Pro in iOS. But it doesn’t work on Instagram yet. One easy way to test if your camera app on IOS works with Muku Shuttr is to test if it can take a photo with the volume up button on your devices. There is no easy way to perform a test on Android. “

Dimension: 61X 26 X 6mm
Weight: 10g
Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0
Working range: 10 meter
Power Source: Replaceable RC2025 battery
Battery life: Up to 2 years if switched off each time after use

With a pledge goal of only $10,000, they have almost quadrupled it, and they still have 21 days left to go on the campaign. They have had two production runs to test out the product one was in February and then second was in May. Once the campaign is funded, they will start a mass production of the Muku Shuttr. If you ask about why it’s not so much that they are looking to raise is because the team that has been working on this has for the last 9 months work without pay. They also have put their money into the project because they are certain that people would want this, and they are dedicated to make an “idea into a product.”


By: Forrest L. Rawls

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