NASA Nuclear Physicists Postulates – We Live in a Virtual Reality (Video)

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NASA Nuclear Physicist Postulates We Live in a Virtual Reality

Where physics, spirituality and metaphysics meet – there you find one of the foremost scientists in the world – Thomas Campbell.  Working as a nuclear physicist for NASA, Campbell postulates that we do indeed live in a virtual reality, saying: “The only thing that is fundamental (real) is consciousness itself; all else is virtual- i.e., a result of an exchange of information within consciousness.”  What is the basis for this theory and where are these views to take both science, reality and what we say ‘matters?’

Where Einstein left off

Some say Thomas Campbell picks up where Einstein left off, though ventures to go much deeper.  Having spent much of his early career with Bob Monroe of the Monroe Institute for the exploration of consciousness, Thomas Campbell experimented with and experienced what few on this planet, save maybe sages and dedicated spiritual aspirants, have gone to the extent of studying – the nature of and access to- different states of consciousness including out of body experiences.

According to Campbell, no amount of science has ever been able to come up with an actual ‘theory of everything’ because in the end, reality is personal.  No matter what – we can never share our experiences with another human being, we can only ever share data, the rest is assumed, believed or not believed and ultimately up to each person to take in the information based on their current level of receptivity and understanding.

“Credibility must be earned within the context of present understanding.”

The Observer affects Reality

Other quantum physicists have come to the same findings as Campbell, that the observer affects the outcome.  So it is nothing new to postulate the idea of life being a ‘virtual reality’ or one where all possibilities are ultimately known. Thanks to science fiction and the ‘higher awareness’ of every being – this could be an acceptable model even for someone who is not a NASA nuclear physicist.

Thomas does a fine job of merging spiritual concepts with science by explaining how the natural order of things is to move toward a state of low entropy, or in other words – love.  Low entropy means order.  If something has high entropy, it is more chaotic.  This reminds me of the old Christian philosophy ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ – or where there is order, there is love.

Another main concept of Campbell’s is ‘results mirror intent’, based on the idea and scientific knowing that nothing is ultimately ‘solid.’  What we see as ‘real’ is not really made up of anything…this leaves reality more flexible.  When it is truly understood – that nothing is ‘real’ unless we ‘invest’ in it – life starts to show up differently.   “Relationship is not so much about quantity or process as it is about the subjective perception of intent.

 You’ve heard the saying – ‘wherever you put your attention, grows’ ?  A lot of ‘law of attraction’ people like to say this, and with good reason.  According to Campbell, if you are not looking at it – it is not being ‘rendered’ to you in this ‘segment of the game’ – a tree that falls in the forest alone, does it make a sound?

Leveling up

If we look at life more like a video game, thinking of experiences as ‘levels’ – one can begin to notice patterns, repeating characters and lessons playing out.  There is a term in gaming called ‘leveling up’ – when you are able to overcome obstacles and take the mastered knowledge of one level of the game and apply it to a higher level – like acquiring more power or ‘points.’  With life viewed in this way, we can more and more take the yogic standpoint of becoming the ‘observer’ – less emotionally involved in the ‘drama’ and more interested in mastering the game.

Thomas Campbell has compiled his ‘Big Theory of Everything’ into a mind-bending chunk of a trilogy called ‘My Big TOE.’  With more and more people interested in the idea of virtual realities and gaming being a beneficial life teacher – (such as in the work of Jane McGonigal), Campbell’s work is perfectly timed with the evolving consciousness of much of humanities foremost thinkers.

A Spin off

In the vein of ‘Revenge of the Nerds’, and brilliantly weird science- brothers Elliot and Maxwell Edge have decided to interview Mr. Thomas Campbell along with other authors and scientists in order to create a full length feature film/documentary for the average Joe on their findings.  They are initiating a kick-starter program to fund their idea.  Here’s their video:

Back to Thomas

Thomas Campbell, NASA nuclear physicist, author, speaker and navigator of consciousness postulates that we live in a virtual reality.  In his several hour long video presentations which can be found throughout the web, he makes apologies for ‘condensing’ the massive amount of information he has to share into such a short amount of time.  This article faces a much similar fate, as we are only scratching the surface on what is being presented by such a line of thinking.

In his book My Big TOE Thomas asks the question ‘how do we know we live in a virtual reality?’  His answer would be the same to a video game player in the World of Warcraft as it would be to you and I, being – the players cannot ‘think’ up a physical cause for their world.  Just as science cannot seem to get past the ‘Big Bang’ – in that there is no reasonable assumption nor scientific data to conclude what would have proceeded this major event – a video game player cannot conceive of how the game would have been contrived and themselves created.

Further explored in his ‘Big Theory of Everything’ Campbell explains how the ‘real brain does not create virtual consciousness’, but ‘real consciousness creates the virtual brain.’  According to Tom “Reality is digital. Only consciousness itself is fundamental; all experiential reality frames are virtual. The purpose of existence (consciousness evolution) is most effectively satisfied through relationship.

More and More

This is a lot to wrap the brain around, so if you are interested in pursuing this theory further, visit Thomas Campbell’s website as well as the numerous YouTube videos of his talks around the world.

If we do live in a virtual reality as NASA nuclear physicist Thomas Campbell postulates, then there is a lot more freedom and fun awaiting each one of us than we have allowed ourselves to experience.  The idea of life being a video game releases so much emotional trauma, drama and pain to be experienced instead as a ‘feedback system’ of computerized data that could be utilized for our benefit.  If we are indeed game characters – as we are in a way, being programmed to behave like in today’s world of growing computerized everything – how would we act differently with this knowledge?  If you knew right now that life was nothing more than a game – what would you do in order to move toward lower entropy (love) and ‘win’ the game?  Here’s a little bit from Tom:

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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