New Nexus 7 on Its Way?


With the Nexus 7 it’s had its glitches and is one of the most popular 7 inch tablets packing a punch, but it’s missing a few things. Recently Staples has dropped the price of the current model. 16GB now $179 and then the 32GB is now $199. I was lucky enough to get a 32GB for $200 on eBay new. This was in December. With the flickering of the screen and the lack of charging and now, it’s turned into a brick because it won’t boot past the “Google” screen (yes, I have tried all recommended on their site even a formatting and factory resets). I’m ready for the next gen, but will it come with all the bugs. I sure hope not. I hope they get the next gen out to testers to make sure that there are none of the bugs. (I’m game to test and review) I know you could probably find a refurbed for less than these new prices. I like refurbished because normally all the bugs are worked out. I haven’t had issues with my refurbished Rokus, so I’m game.

NDTV has heard that the tablet is codenamed K009. A set of specs for the next-generation Nexus 7 leaked last week. Those details included a release timeframe and were said to have come from an ASUS support rep. According to those details, the tablet will be available during Q2. The rep also talked about how these specs were not “confirmed” but that they did come from internal documents. That said, the specs read as follows;

7-inch LED display (at 1980 x 1200)
Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor
2GB of RAM
32GB of storage
1.2 megapixel front-facing camera
5 megapixel rear-facing camera (where’s the flash?)
4000 mAh battery
4G LTE, WiFi N, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC
Android 4.3

Google’s original tablet has sold very well in the market, with strong sales earlier this year pushing Asus to third place in the tablet manufacturing tables. The Nexus 7, which carries Google’s pure interpretation of its Android mobile OS, is pitched directly against smaller devices from Samsung and the top-selling iPad Mini. Apple is presumed to be working on an updated iPad Mini, which may carry a retina screen, and is expected to launch the device in the Fall.

I know that again, I can’t wait, but I have a first gen so I guess I’ll wait. If you can’t head over to Staples for new first gen. If you’re looking forward to saving even more (but I don’t recommend it) you can go for the cheaper, slower HP Slate 7. This is priced at $139.99 for 8GB and $169.99 for the 16GB. But with the HP only having a dual-core processor I would pay a few dollars more for the quad-core Nexus 7.

Faster is better I have the Transformer Asus first gen and since my Nexus 7 is a brick, I had to go back to that not only is it bigger it is so much slower. I cry each time I click an app to be opened because it takes so long to open. And when you have several open and switch back and forth. Oh it is as if the Sandman has put me to sleep.

So go for Nexus 7 first gen or wait a few months (or days) to get the second gen. Since the second gen is just a rumor now there currently are no prices that have been reported.

By: Forrest L. Rawls

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