The Amazing Spider-Man 2 at Comic-Con 2013 (Video)


Something special went on in Hall H at Comic-Con on Friday when fans got a sneak peek at a video trailer from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and got to hear the actor who plays Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) — and Jamie Foxx, who plays the villain, Elektro — in a panel forum about the upcoming blockbuster movie.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Sony) just wrapped up only three weeks ago, but Friday’s panel came off seamlessly, despite the brief amount of time in-between to prepare for it. The audience gathered in Hall h got a genuine and exclusive sneak peek at the movie, and got to see Andrew Garfield in full Spider-Man garb and Jamie Foxx in person.

The presentation began with video footage with of Spider-Man trying to get into Hall H. Then, this lead into Andrew Garfield, dressed as Spider-Man, entering the cavernous hall. Keeping in character, he took to the stage and proceeded to talk of his life as Spider-Man. When Jamie Foxx came in and sat next to him, Spider-Man talked of how he loved Django Unchained and Any Given Sunday.

Though the bit went on for perhaps a bit long, Garfield’s natural presence in front of a crowd won the audience over and Jamie Foxx is always a pretty funny guy.

The fans there then got to see exclusive footage which showcased Spider-Man’s cockiness, stopping a crime scene involving Paul Giamatti. The video then showed Foxx as the meek electrician who becomes the villainous Elektro.  Andrew-Garfield-makes-a-surprise-appearance-and-Marvel-announces-Spider-Man-will-appear-in-Avengers-2_gallery_primary_article_story_main

The Spider-Man 2 video received the loudest applause of any video trailer shown so far at Comic-Con this weekend.

Garfield, unmasked, continued winning the audience over and being funny. He also handling quite well the social controversy of Spider-Man potentially being gay, which he had previously broached in an interview where he said he couldn’t see of nay reason why Spider-Man couldn’t be shown in a relationship with a man.

A gay fan in attendance brought the interview up and asked the actor if it was hard as an actor to declare a stance like that.

Garfield responded:

Spider-Man stands for everyone: black. white, Asian, gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual.”

He continued by saying that love between two consenting adults is not a social issue.

Director Marc Webb was also there to discuss the movie. He spoke about several topics, including he how wanted Elektro to be portrayed:

There are a lot of incarnations of Elektro in the comics, and I tried to think about a yellow and green suit and couldn’t make any logical sense of that. There are elements of his creation I want to protect, but I’ll say that when you see a storm cloud come over the horizon and there are those flashes of incredible lightning, that’s what we wanted from Elektro. I also wanted to protect the emotion of Jamie’s performance, and step away from a mask to create a creature that felt human but also godlike. It felt important to give Spider-Man an antagonist who felt creepy and threatening but also immensely powerful.”

Jamie Foxx explained the character a little more:The Amazing Spider-Man 2 at Comic-Con 2013 (Video)

We wanted Elektro to be serious; I wanted him to be a formidable opponent. I told him, I really want Electro to be angry. It makes the fight more epic – he doesn’t want to talk anymore, he wants to fight, he’ll burn the city down to get revenge.

“We wanted to do three things: Max [Dillon, Elektro’s real name] needed to be betrayed by love, by family and by his work. What happens is that it’s his birthday and even his mom doesn’t remember. That sets it up, the fact that when he turns into this guy, you understand where he’s coming from. We gave that journey more than one side.”

Wow — The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is definitely a movie that I’m going to check out! It got a fantastic — dare I say it, amazing — reaction from the fans at Comic-Con 2013, and I think it will likely be a blockbuster of a flick.

Check out the video from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer

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