Tour Bus with 31 Aboard Flips Over In Arizona


Breaking News! A tour bus with 31 people aboard flipped over and was pushed down a wash in heavy rains in northwestern Arizona near the town of Kingman, Arizona. A rescue operation is currently underway.

The name of the bus operator has not been disclosed at this time. Local news is confirming that the accident involved a tour bus and that thirty-one persons were on board. The condition of the passengers and driver remain unknown.

According to Bill Johnston with the Kingman Fire Department, the bus got stuck in an area where there was heavy rain.

The tour bus then was pushed down the wash and flipped over, he stated. The cause of the crash was apparently poor weather conditions and the slickness of the wash caused the bus to flip.

There has not been any reports yet on how many people have been injured or if there are any casualties as a result of the accident.

Multiple agencies have responded and air support has been notified that they will be needed to assist in the rescue operations.

The accident involving the tour bus happened north of Kingman near Dolan Springs.

It happened, coincidentally, just hours after an Italian bus crash left at least thirty people dead.

Initial news reports put the crash near Kingman. Subsequent reports now indicate the bus crash is closer to Dolan Springs and north of Kingman.

Responding agencies are still at the scene. Several helicopters have been dispatched to the scene in the event of airlifts to local area hospitals. Earlier this evening ABC tweeted “Tour bus with 31 people on board flips over after being pushed down a flooded wash north of Kingman. Rescue underway.”

According to the National Weather Service in Las Vegas tweeted earlier Sunday that flash flooding was prevalent in the area at the time, including along Pierce Ferry Road – a remote road in the area.

The National Weather Service agency tweeted the tour bus was reportedly “floating down the wash” before flipping over.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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