Train Crash in Spain: 35 Dead

At least 35 people are dead and 200 others injured as a passenger train derailed Wednesday near the train station in Santiago de Compostola, 60 miles south of El Ferrol, in Northeastern Spain. According to the national Spain television, four coaches came off the tracks. The cause of the accident is not yet known.

A Spokesman for the Renfe rail company said the train carrying 238 passengers tipped over “for undetermined reasons.”
A witness told a local radio, Cadena Ser, that the accident happened while the train was rounding a curve and started tipping over. “Coaches flipped over and several coaches piled on top of each other,” said the witness who appeared to be unhurt.

Investigations are going to determine if there are more casualties and the reasons for the accident. The accident comes 12 days after another accident that occurred in almost the conditions to the South of Paris, France, which killed 6 people and injured at least 20 others.

Eddy Isango

Source: Afp

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