Trayvon Martin Not Really a Surprise Verdict

Trayvon Martin Not Really a Surprice Verdict

This is a daggone shame. I am appalled and disgusted but not really surprised about G. Zimmerman’s verdict. I just found out about it. I wrote a long response to the verdict on Facebook that I’m trying to post but “all of sudden my Internet Explorer has stopped working” but yet all of my other open Internet windows are working fine. I know the Government (Big Brother) is watching everything. But I don’t care!

African American lives, especially those of Black males are meaningless to Whites because they are afraid they will be annihilated by them. I’m no racist but I realize through such readings as Dr. Cress Frances Welsing’s Isis Papers; that Whites fear that if they let of “free” to live as they do then they will be no more. I mean no harm to my White peeps here on Facebook but I’m just talking about what I’m talking about.

This whole white supremacy system/culture is setup to oppress, demean, degrade, oppress, murder African Americans, Africans, non-Whites, especially the males! If Trayvon Martin was a White boy and G. Zimmerman was a Black man; he would be locked up right now! Whites kill Black men because of their dominant genes, they pass on melanin to their children which Whites can never do; therefore if Whites let them live and strive; possibly Whites could be wiped off the planet. This mess is sickening, outright shame; I’m disgusted!

I’m a collector. On Friday, I called a guy about a car loan that’s unpaid. He called me a Nigger then hung up before I could respond! I am 33 years old, a light-skinned. I lived in Dallas, TX where the racist mfs killed the President of the US; was for Black people! This was the first time in my life that I’ve ever been called a Nigger! Momentarily, I was pissed but it was TGIF so I let it go. To me, President Barack Obama being elected isn’t some great big success for Blacks. Its all in perception, Blacks voted for him because they saw the Black in him; Whites voted for him because they saw the White in him. Big deal! WTH has he done for Blacks since he’s been elected? NOTHING! But I have heard him speak out for the LGBT community.

Written by: Frenchaire Andrews