UFC 162 Silva vs Weidman Prediction

Anderson Silva has defended his title more times than Chris Weidman has professional fights, yet many are predicting Weidman wins at UFC 162.

Anderson Silva has defended his title more times than Chris Weidman has professional fights, yet many are predicting Weidman wins at UFC 162.

And now we arrive at the headliner of UFC 162, Anderson Silva versus Chris Weidman. This is the most highly anticipated fight in recent memory, as Anderson Silva looks to further cement his legacy as the greatest mixed martial artist in history with a victory over the undefeated Chris Weidman.

Weidman has gathered the support of many experts and UFC fighters, as well as fans. People have decided that this is the time that Anderson Silva is defeated, that someone proves he is human.

Anderson Silva has not lost since joining the UFC, possessing a win streak longer than Weidman has professional fights. He has defended his title far longer than anyone else in the UFC can claim to have done, and has looked virtually untouchable since a hiccup against Chael Sonnen almost saw him taste defeat.

Although many experts have done it, it is extremely difficult to predict defeat for Anderson Silva no matter how talented Chris Weidman is, one thing is for sure. This fight will not disappoint.

Anderson Silva (33-4) vs. Chris Weidman (9-0) 

Betting line- Silva -240, Weidman +180

There have only been two things people have been talking about leading up to this fight, and neither one concerns how Anderson Silva will handle his opponent tonight. The first thing people are talking about is how the wrestling game of Weidman will prove to be too much for Silva to handle, and that Weidman will cruise to the upset victory.

Secondly, people that feel Silva will win have looked past this fight altogether, instead talking about a super fight that would loom in the near future between GSP or Jon Jones.

That is not a fair thing to do, as we have ourselves a great fight on our hands. Anderson Silva is the greatest striker we have ever seen in this sport, an artist with both his fists and legs as he knocks out one opponent after another.

Lets not forget how effortlessly he ducks out of the way of trouble time and time again, despite seemingly putting himself in a position that plays to the opponents strengths. Silva is always looking to prove he is the best at what he does, and is willing to beat anyone at their own game to show it.

Chris Weidman has to take this fight to the ground to have a chance, however that isn’t as easy or advantageous as one would think. Chael Sonnen was able to take Silva down with ease in their first bout, however he fell victim to Silva’s deadly and underrated jiu-jitsu and tapped out to a triangle choke. The second fight saw Sonnen take Silva down in the first round, only to be destroyed in the second round when he attempted to do the same.

Silva has a game so well-rounded it is hard to say that anyone has a glaring advantage in any aspect of their game when matched up against him.

Media talking about how Silva is going to lose only provides motivation to the most deadly man in the sport. Look for him to once again prove to the world that he is the greatest fighter we have ever seen.

Prediction: Anderson Silva defeats Chris Weidman via TKO in round 2

With the most deadly striking the sport has ever seen, Anderson Silva will find a way to finish Chris Weidman.

With the most deadly striking the sport has ever seen, Anderson Silva will find a way to finish Chris Weidman.

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