Amanda Bynes Hospitalization Extended as Some Seek to Capitalize on Her Vulnerability

Amanda Bynes Hospitalization

According to recent reports, Amanda Bynes’ involuntary psychiatric hold has been extended for at least another 60 days.  Rumors regarding her health, mental state and whereabouts have been swirling freely since her arrest and subsequent hospitalization.  Now that her mother has been granted temporary conservatorship, Amanda Bynes is receiving the extended treatment that she needs and other people are surfacing, looking to capitalize on her hospitalization and vulnerability.

Following her extremely public display of increasingly bizarre behavior, which included a previous involuntary psychiatric hold, Amanda Bynes’ mother, Lynne Bynes, was awarded temporary conservatorship.  This motion was granted after a judge determined Ms. Bynes was “gravely disabled as a result of a mental disorder.”

Shortly after photos were released of her leaving Hillmont Psychiatric Center in Ventura, California to go to UCLA Medical Center, where it was widely presumed she was being treated.  It turns out that these reports were false.  According to a statement released by the family, Amanda Bynes is scheduled to be transferred but has, until now, remained at Hillmont.  The photo was apparently staged and released by an independent agency.

The staged photo is not the only incident of misinformation being spread about Amanda Bynes. Jonathan Jaxson, who claims to be her publicist, has released multiple statements regarding her mental health.  In one statement he blamed her problems on drug use, dismissing mental health issues as a source of her behavior, saying, “Sadly she is strung out on drugs and paranoid most of the time. People say she has mental health problems but I think it’s just the drugs.”

Jaxson also recently released another statement stating that she was responding well to treatment, inspite of his previous denial of any mental health problem or his noted lack of credentials to make any statements regarding her health.  Backing up his lack of credibility is a statement made by Tamar Armanak, the Bynes family attorney, “We are not sure why he is commenting on Amanda’s health care or representing himself as a publicist hired by her family.”

False photos and inaccurate statements are likely meant to bolster the careers of those behind them.  A lack of understanding and blatant misdirection have a potential to indirectly harm Amanda Bynes, however, others have sought to exploit her vulnerabilities directly in order to capitalize on her recent publicity despite her obvious need for extended hospitalization.

Daniel Herman, a producer from Chinga Chang Records, has been, by his own admission, aggressively negotiating a record deal with Amanda Bynes while she is being hospitalized.  It is difficult to determine the reliability of his assertions that they have been in contact as it also appears that he too believed her to be at UCLA.

Despite the fact that Ms. Bynes has legally been determined to be incapable of “informed consent” in her treatment, Herman insists that he had, “talked with Amanda a few times and she wants out. She sounded normal, lucid, chill and focused.”  He is offering her increasingly large amounts of money in hopes of luring her out of the hospital and into a recording studio.  While he claims that the purpose of the greater advance on her record is to help pay her legal and medical bills, it would actually indebt her to him, which is a situation she is clearly incapable of navigating.

Thankfully, her mother is in charge of her medical and financial decision at this point and can protect her from shady characters like this man.  His insistence that Ms. Bynes’ recovery does not need to be inpatient smacks of ignorance and greed and demonstrates that he absolutely does not have her best interest in mind.  In fact, his manipulation of her current incapacity shows that he is a person who should be kept as far away from Amanda Bynes as possible.

Clearly, Amanda Bynes’ parents have a lot on their plates when it comes to keeping their daughter safe, in treatment and on the road to recovery.  Let’s all breathe a extended sigh of relief that Amanda Bynes will receive the hospitalization she needs as well as the protection from others who seek to capitalize on the ways that her mental illness increases her vulnerability.

Written by: Vanessa Blanchard

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