Atlanta: Child Abduction at Bus Stop at Old Gordon Rd

Atlanta: Child Abduction at Bus Stop at Old Gordon Rd
On 08/14/2013 around 0840hrs, two students were standing at the bus stop at Old Gordon Rd. and MLK Jr. Dr when a male, now identified as Rico Holmes, approached them. The victim and witness stated that the subject appeared to be angry or upset with someone, possibly a female that had walked away from him on the other side of the street. The victims stated that the male subject was talking out loud to himself and stated, “I don’t care nothing about these kids.” The older victim stated that she stepped in front of her younger sister to protect her. Mr. Holmes told the victim to give him her sunglasses which were hanging from her shirt. She told him no so he shoved her to the ground and snatched them from her. She was not injured.

Just before the incident with the two students, the same male was involved in an incident involving an adult woman and her son. Mr. Holmes attempted to engage in conversation with the woman but became angry and grabbed her when she refused his advances. The woman and her son were able to run to their apartment so the male left and went for a walk down Old Gordon Road where he was subesquently shot.

He has been charged with simple battery and will be charged with robbery as soon as he is properly identified. It is believed that the name “Rico Holmes” is not his correct name.

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