Boy in Brazil Described as Sweet Kills Family Before Shooting Himself


Tragedy has struck Sao Paulo, Brazil, as police there are baffled why on Sunday evening a 13-year-old boy,  Marcelo Pesseghini, described as being a “sweet child,” shot and killed his police officer parents, his grandmother and aunt, before shooting himself.

At the time of their deaths, three of the boy’s victims were apparently sleeping at their home in Brasilandia, north of Sao Paulo,  when they were  shot and killed by Pesseghini The body of his mother, Andreia,  36, was found on her knees by the bed. Her arms were  covering her head.

The victims were all killed with a police  issue revolver, which is exactly the type  of weapon  that was found in Pesseghini’s hand.

According to the police investigating the murders on Sunday night, they believe that Marcello killed all  four family members, then drove his mother’s car to his school, where he arrived at 1:25 a.m. on Monday.

Then, at 6:23 a.m., a security camera filmed a boy identified as him with a rucksack getting out of the car and entering the school.  At the end of the day, he got a lift home  from the father of a school friend.

On Wednesday, the police colonel in charge of the unit where Marcelo’s mother was a corporal questioned the official account. The police colonel said she that she had recently denounced colleagues for robbing cash machines.

According to police Colonel Wagner Dimas, he told São Paulo’s Rádio Bandeirantes he did not believe the official version of events:

Today I am not convinced.”

Perhaps that was because it seemed so out of character for someone like Marcelo to have committed the heinous murders.

Police say that Marcelo had no history of violence, but he was obsessed with weapons and had a large collection of toy guns and a protective breastplate made of cardboard in his bedroom

In the words of Detective Itagiba Franco, who is investigating the case, he ahdn’t seen a case like it in 37 years. He said:

We interviewed a friend of his at school, who said Marcelo’s dream had been to be a hired killer and that he wanted to kill his parents at night and live in an abandoned house.”

Franco added that there was no evidence that anyone had invaded the house nor that the crime was linked to his parents’ police work. “This is not a usual murder,” he stated.

Dimas told the radio station that Marcelo’s mother, allegedly, denounced fellow officers for robbing cash machines. Although some officers were transferred following an investigation, nobody was punished.

According to Dimas:

The problem with investigations is to reach a conclusion. We did not reach a conclusion.”

Though the Pesseghini family massacre has appalled a nation hardened by soaring homicide rates, according to a human rights group,Marcello’s father, Luis, as many as 60,000 Brazilians are murdered each year.

Marcelo’s father, Luís, 40, had been A member of São Paulo’s police for 18 years, Luis stated “The problem with investigations is to reach a conclusion. We did not reach a conclusion.” Luis graduated to the role of sergeant in the force’s elite Rota unit. That is an armed Swat team employed for rapid response.

Rota, in 2011, was involved in at least two cases in which suspected criminals were allegedly murdered by police. Six people in May 2012,believed to have been members of armed criminal gang were killed in a confrontation with the unit. In a wave of violence in subsequent months Hundreds of civilians and police who terrorized the city of Sao Paulo were killed.

His mother was also a long-serving police officer. She worked in administration. The boy’s grandmother Benedita, 65, and an aunt, Bernadete Silva, 55, were found dead in a separate house on the same property.

There might not be any easy answers in this case. Why would a boy described as being sweet kill himself and his family? What made him snap? Had he preplanned the murders, or were they ones committed on the spur of the moment

Written by:  Douglas Cobb

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2 Responses to "Boy in Brazil Described as Sweet Kills Family Before Shooting Himself"

  1. Douglas Cobb   August 14, 2013 at 4:11 pm

    Thanks, Joao, for your Comment! If you have any inside information, and/or knew the family, and might like to be interviewed, please write me at: I would definitely like to clear the boy’s name, if you do have additional information.

  2. Joao Miguel   August 14, 2013 at 2:14 pm

    The memory of this boy with cystic fibrosis that used to play with toy guns as any other child his age has been tamed with lies…. His mother refused to join a gang of corrupt police officers and paid the price for that with her family life. And then… to cover all of this they blamed the child. More than 30 police officers were inside the crime scene before the forensic team arrived, his body position contradicts suicide…. and so on….

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