Bradley Manning Will be Punished, but the War Criminals Will Not


It appears to me that our country is twisted.  The rich get richer off of the backs of the poor and working class.  Politicians flourish, while those they represents are losing the meager lifestyles they one enjoyed.  Those who fight against acts of war, such as Bradley Manning, receive punishment, while the war criminals will not.

War is waged by governments, not by their people.  War is a futile attempt to attain dominance over others.  War is unwinnable.

That said, our government loves a good war.  As one politician said, ‘war is good business.’  Of course he, nor any member of his family had to fight in a war.

Bradley Manning, the young private who released documentation of war crimes to WikiLeaks, will be sentenced to as many as 136 years in a federal prison.  He saved lives, shortened our invasion time in Iraq, and exposed illegal actions sanctioned by our military’s upper echelon.

In an interview with RT, Birgitta Jonsdotir of Iceland, a country known for its belief of full disclosure to the public, had much to say about Manning and his being singled out for punishment.

She was asked if someone leaked information about Iceland that could put its people in danger, what her reaction would be.

“Nobody has been put into damage and there has been no proof of blood on anybody’s hands except the US military and their NATO allies. Iceland is a NATO ally, and if, indeed, my government was participating in something of this nature I would very much like to know. You cannot have a either a lawmaker nor the general public taking informed decisions if you don’t have any information to make a decision. I also want to stress, and this is very important in relation to Bradley Manning, Bradley Manning will never get a fair trial because President Obama said before the trial started that he was guilty and that he was even guiltier than Daniel Ellsberg. He was not aware of the classification level of the documents that Bradley Manning released. There are four million people in the United States that have access to the documents Bradley Manning put out into the public domain;” Said Ms. Jonsdotir.

She said she is also fearful that other whistleblowers will now be afraid to expose their government’s wrong doing.

Among the many details exposed by Bradley Manning was a video of a U.S. helicopter shooting down innocent civilians, and documentation that prisoners taken by the coalition had been tortured.

And what about former President George W. Bush, VP Dick Cheney, and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld?  They crafted the invasion of Iraq under false pretenses.  They lied to congress and the American people.  Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were kill, and country was torn apart.  Thousands of America’s finest lost their lives for nothing.  And his administration bankrupted the country.

None of them will ever go to trial.

Bradley Manning is a scapegoat.  His prosecution was no more than a distraction from what actually occurred in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Bradley Manning will be punished, but those who committed true war crimes will not.  That’s the American way.

Alfred James reporting



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  1. southerntongue   August 1, 2013 at 11:43 am

    I am Bradley Manning and YOU are Bradley Manning whether you know it or not.

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