Crocodile Attacks Camper as Friends Watch [Video]

Sean Cole's Body Still Missing

crocodile snatches an Australian camper named Sean Cole1

Huge crocodile snatches an Australian camper named Sean Cole at an outback tourist destination during a friend’s birthday celebration. The 26-year-old man was with a friend on Saturday afternoon swimming. They were in Australia’s Northern Territory about 80 miles outside of Darwin near the Mary River Wilderness Retreat.

The Darwin man was celebrating with a friend for their 30th birthday. The two friends decided to take a swim in the water. They swam half way through the river and were headed back when the crocodile attacked the man. Many people from the party saw him being going into the jaws of the crocodile and then disappear.

Saltwater crocodiles are the largest of all living reptiles and can grow as long as 23 feet. They are very common in tropical Australia. These crocodiles are frightening and very opportunistic. They will attack any living thing that enters their territory. The primary reason that they are called saltwater crocs is because they tend to live in salt water. Many crocodiles have salt glands which allow them to survive in saltwater but they don’t dwell there.

Once the crocodile snatched the camper into his jaws, they both disappeared into the muddy water and the man has not been seen since. He is presumed dead.

No one is certain why they decided to swim in the Mary River but it has been suggested that alcohol may have influenced the decision. This river is well known for having the most adult saltwater crocodile world-wide. The rule is ‘You don’t swim in the Mary River’.

An employee of the resort, Erin Bayard, said that they always advise all guests against swimming or even going near the edge of the river bank. She said that many tourist come but they are to only take pictures but never to get close to the water.

Ever since a federal law in 1971 protected this species their numbers have drastically increased in the area. As a result this Northern Territory is majorly pushed as an attraction for tourist. Any body of water in the area is subject to have crocodiles present.

The last crocodile attack in this area was last December. A 9-year-old boy was snatched into the jaws of a crocodile near Dhania.

Sean Cole, who was an IT worker, is still missing. Cole’s family arrived on Sunday as the search for his body continued. His friends that witnessed this grave tragedy are traumatized. Cole’s body has yet to be located.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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