Dolphin Spotted in Welsh River

Dolphin spotted swimming in River Dee in Flintshire

A dolphin was spotted swimming up a Welsh river, the Dee in Flintshire, after it was chasing fish for miles up the Welsh river. The dolphin is being monitored by the marine rescue charity.

The first sighting of the dolphin  was in Connah’s Quay docks, on Monday. The mammal was then sighted again up the river in Saltney close to Cheshire, then further up near the Chester Racecourse.

Members of the public have been tweeting pictures of the disoriented dolphin – who they have taken to calling Dave – jumping in and out of the water. People have been asked not to trouble the dolphin or to go to river’s sandbank.

Stephen Marsh, who is the operations manager at the charity, has said that they are observing the dolphin’s every move, in case it might get stranded on the sandbank. Marsh also said that it looked like the dolphin was heading back to the ocean, but it had returned to Chester today.

They say that the dolphin probably got caught in a tide, while chasing fish, and this time of the year the tides are unpredictable and this may have caused the dolphin to get disoriented, as it is used to being in much deeper waters.

It is very rare for a dolphin to be sighted in the River Dee of Flintshire.  Mr Marsh had said that they will help to escort the dolphin back to the ocean if it gets into any trouble, but at the moment it looks healthy and stable, and would find its own way back to the sea. Marine experts believe that this common dolphin must have been chasing fish up the River Dee in North Wales.

Written By: Landi Bezuidenhout

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