Joe Rogan Questions Everything Real Close Encounters August 21 (Review)

Joe Rogan Questions Everything - Season 1

Tonight, it’s the episode of Joe Rogan Questions Everything everyone’s been waiting for, the one about UFOs and aliens!

Called Real Close Encounters, paying homage to Steven Spielberg’s movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, this episode was a good one, but not really if you were expecting definite proof one way or the other, that yes, UFOs and alens exist, or no, you think they don’t, and it’s all a load of crap. I particularly enjoyed the last two episodes, Robosapiens and Biopocalypse, but to me, it seemed in those episodes that Joe Rogan was a bit more open-minded than he was during this episode.

A couple of questions I had going into the episode were:

“Will Rogan be too skeptical?” and “Will the evidence be so compelling, that no matter how hard he tries, there’s no way Rogan can remain skeptical?”

It wasn’t long before I found out.

“Is there a Close Encounters of the Third Kind landing site in Utah? I’m on a mission right here and now to get hard evidence. I’m Joe Rogan, alien hunter.” Rogan says, at the start of the episode.

“Are we alone in the universe? That’s the Big Question,” Joe asks.

“Is it likely there’s intelligent life out there? Very much so,” he says, but still, he wonders where the hard evidnce is, and why eveything connected with UFO’s looks like horseshi-.”

Joe’s first guest is someone who runs a UFO magazine. I didn’t catch the guy’s name. They talk about Roswell, New Mexico, right off the bat, including the retraction that what was realy there was just a crashed weather balloon.

Rogan says “All I’m hearing is that a guy did this, and saw that–what’s your real evidence?”

The man says he has evidence of a guy being interviewed on tape, but Rogan says that is not “real” evidence. He says to Rogan: “You can’t cover this up. What’s the best way to hide something? Hide it in plain sight.”

“If you show me the real wreckage and show me a real UFO, I’ll lie to my mother,” Rogan says, talking about how he’d act if the government showed him real evidence.

Rogan talks to a man who tells him aboutsenator who is one of six who came out saying they believe that UFOs are real, and aliens have landed.

“I’d like to believe that UFOs are coming here from another planet, but I want evidence, not just stories,” Rogan tells him.

One senator says: “Someone out there who is an extraterrestrial can switch off our defenses like that.”

“I need to know why they think that the government would be covering this up. I’ll talk to Mike Gravel, a two-time senator who also ran for the presidency.”

“We have sightings, crashes, we have the United States who is shoving everything into secrecy. You have to appreciate, it’s all being triggered by Roswell in July 1947,” Gravel tells Rogan.

Gravel adds: “There’s been about ten crashes of UFOs since the end of WWII.”

“How’d you hear about this?” Rogan asks him.

“From the hearings. I’m convinced that there’s an extraterrestrial presence which has been visiting us.”


It looks like tonight, the “Skeptical Rogan” is the one we’re watching — but, he really does seem to want to be convinced, if there really is proof out there for him to see.

“What the military is really focused on was to get their spacecraft and re-engineer it,” He talks about reports of military officials who ¬†had their ability to defend their headquarters shut off.

The bottom line is that I need evidence,” Rogan says. He tells his helper, Duncan, to go out and talk with a woman who claims she was abducted by aliens and had something implanted in her. She says she has an incision line over her left side,, and tells Duncan “I may have less of my ovaries.”

“While Nicole says she was abducted, she has little evidence except a photo of her scar.”

Joe then talks to a man, Daryl Sims, who says he has several examples of things that were implanted within the bodies of people. He has a whole box of stuff to show Rogan. They are so small, Rogan has to use a magnifying glass to see some of them well.

“What the heck’s that?” he asks the investigative CIA-type person.

Sims tells him about a little six-year-old girl who told her mom about big-eyed little men who came to see her. She said she had something in her nose. She blew her nose, and pellets of balls came out. They haven’t yet been analyzed, but Rogan took some of the implants to an expert to check them out with an electron microscope.

The man running the microscope said he’d used the microscope even on samples from Roswell.

“That kid snorted a Death Star. That’s amazing,” Duncan says when they see the round, Death Star-looking bead that was up the girl’s nose..

It is made of gold and silver, in part. The man running the microscope said he didn’t know how that would wind up in a girl’s nose.

Rogan still won’t accept that as evidence, though, as any kid could put something up his/her nose.

Rogan next talks to a journalist, Jason McClellan who says he knows a man caled Bigelow who may have access to evidence, and even UFOs. The man tells Rogan that aliens have come out of the sky and actually killed people.

The man mentions Skinwalker Ranch. Rogan asks him if he’d ever been to Skinwalker Ranch, and the guy answers: “I have not. If I had, I’d be dead.” It’s apparently a very secretive place that might be a good landing site for aliens.

“How do you know it’s real?” Rogan asks

“It’s well known,” Jason says.

Joe Rogan Questions Everything - Season 1

“What does Robert Bigelow know that we don’t know? I’m sending Duncan to meet with a scientist who worked with Robert Bigelow”

Duncan asks the scientist if he believes that Bigelow has really any evidence, and that his ranch was used as a landing site. The scientist talks about Bigelow having contact with the government, that a door opened up out of nowhere and an eight-foot-tall alien came out of it. He can’t show Duncan actual photos of anything, though, saying they’re elsewhere, like in storage. The scientist is Dr. Eric Davis.

They want to go to Skinwalker Ranch, but they hear that is that there’s a high level of government security there. They will meet someone with the last name of Skinner, and do investigations with night vision goggles.

They are next seen traveling by car, driving to Skinwalker Ranch, and Duncan tells Rogan that they’re supposedly being monitored. “This is the entrance to Bigelow Ranch. It says it’s Private Property, and trespassers aren’t allowed.”

Duncan gets out of the car, and says he’ll touch the gate and see what happens. There are “No Trespassing”signs everywhere.

“Hello? Hello?” Duncan hollers. “Mr. Bigelow? I see something moving.” Someone is headed their way.

“We are at the doorstep of Skinwalker Ranch. I’m hiding in my car like a little bitch. I bet the last thing security thought they’d see is a hipster in a Fedora at their gate.”

“I can’t tell if I’m seeing a person or what,” Duncan says. He’s a little disappointed about Skinwalker Ranch.

Next, they meet with Mike Miller, who tells them about seeing a “rectangular object hovering over my pickup” that was totally silent. He also saw orange orbs, that lnvaded and flew back up, no sounds. “I don’t really care what people think. I know what I’ve seen. The dogs tried to chase some of the lights to Bigelow Ranch, and they disappeared.”

“We’re going to meet with someone called Brian Skinner,” Rogan says.

Skinner tells him about having seen both UFOs, and even Bigfoot.

“The main thing we saw were orbs, and they took the shape of a wolf,” Skinner tells Rogan.

“From here on out, I’m operating on faith alone,” Rogan says. “I want to see some UFOs.”

Skinner says there’s been cattle mutilations, and bait pens to lure aliens there. There are ex-military ¬†guards and barricades.

“Of course I’m skeptical,” Rogan says, “because I haven’t seen anything.” But, they go out at night with the night vision goggles looking for aliens, anyway.

“This is kind of creepy,” Joe says.

“I thought I heard something,” Brain Skinner then says.

“Does anyone have the scope on this?” Rogan asks.

“You know what it is,” Skinner says. “Moonlight reflecting off of a stump.”

“The odds of us catching something on any particular night are high,” Rogan says. “But the fact that there’s no photos, no evidence, smells,” he says. “I met with all sorts of people, including politicians. And, I have NOTHING!” He says that he would really like to be able to see actual evidence, but that he didn’t see any.

This is an episode that is sure to disappoint many of Rogan’s fans, and, honestly, it did me, to an extent. But, I have no doubt that Rogan would like to believe; he just didn’t feel that the “evidence” that was presented was compelling enough. Ah, well….

Next week is the season finale of Joe Rogan Questions Everything. It will be called Psychic Warriors. It will be an episode that I definitely don’t want to miss, and that you shouldn’t miss it, either!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

7 Responses to "Joe Rogan Questions Everything Real Close Encounters August 21 (Review)"

  1. Ismoyo Nugroho Tomo   November 19, 2015 at 5:47 pm

    Well in this episode, he just plain stupid. and lazy to do research about alien and UFO. There’s alot of evidence in this world. He just need to open his eye and brain More wider! Digging more deeper, asking asking and do research. The internet is the first tool. If he has brain to using it.

  2. JoeZ   September 5, 2013 at 9:26 am

    Why is it so hard to understand? Cattle Mutilations. What do humans require when they are babies? Milk. What do humans require when they are grown? Meat. Pretty simple. What do you think those UFOs are doing with cows. Obviously genetics. Who do you think created the human body you now experience?

    Are your egos so big that it is that tough to admit?

    You could join your spiritual brothers if we eradicate fear from our culture and move towards emotional maturity. What do you think the bible is?

    Honestly, until humanity collectively grows up, we will be stuck on this planet. Simple. They create humans so the holy spirit has tools to use to evolve. The problem exists because humans refuse to evolve past a certain point and then play victim in the universe. Nobody likes a cry baby who can’t grow up.

    Are you sure your fellow humans are going to be able to handle existence? Look around you. Yes you are being realistic when it sets in that we will never accept that reality. We rather just die than stop our childish ways and just grow up to the next level of evolution.

    That is the real humanity. A bunch of chickens. Afraid of reality. Afraid of death. Afraid of life. Afraid of God. Afraid of so called aliens.

    Now are you finally seeing the true reality? Your welcome.

  3. Douglas Cobb   August 24, 2013 at 8:39 pm

    He’s definitely “debunking” what he can, though he has said he doesn’t rule out the possibility that there are aliens, and that they have visited the Earth — he just would like to see with his own eyes physical proof that they’ve been here.
    This skepticism but willingness to believe if shown enough evidence has made Joe Rogan frenemies in both camps, believers and nonbelievers. Oh, well….

  4. Christian   August 24, 2013 at 8:21 pm

    Seriously? We have not had any alien contact. Ever. Bigfoot isn’t real. The Lochness monster isn’t real. OJ Simpson is not innocent. Ghosts are not real. Need I continue? I value and admire Rogan’s skepticism, because he’s not selling anything: he’s not trying to hold the audience in suspense. He tells it straight, and he’s brutally debunking all this BS. All of these “phenomenon” are completely psychosomatic in origin. Utterly and completely.

  5. Nathan Blake   August 23, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    Joe. If you really want to be taken seriously about any topic then you will have to do more than a weeks worth of investigation before running off your mouth.
    Enough documentation on the u.f.o. phenomena to choke a cat. I look to the old photographs which are hard to fake. I have watched the testimony of astronauts and military men in charge of atomic bomb facilities. I’ve reviewed the testimony of congressmen, police and pilots. I look at historical data back as far as Rome in 98 AD when a Roman soldier reported a burning shield in the sky. There are flaming wheels in the sky painted by early thirteenth century painters and newspaper reports from the 1700s describing flying pocket watches. Examine this anecdotal evidence in context and you will see there are some unusual aircraft, not man made from any level of existing technology, that are flying about our skies. Whether they are piloted, remote controlled or automated is unknown.
    There is no other equivalent in data suggesting anything of value about the occupants except for one case of abduction where six polygraphs proved that they all were telling the same version of truth.
    Until there are more polygraphed multiple abduction stories I will not believe in little green men. I do believe that these craft have been reported accurately both historically and in contemporary context. I am not ready to make the leap to little grey men anally probing the innocent.

  6. Loron Winn (Swami Harinanada)   August 22, 2013 at 1:04 am

    Hello Joe,

    The UFO -Alien question is easy when you approach it from a scientific slant.

    Just look at this:
    1.When you have a nightmare, it is as real as waking reality while you are dreaming. That nightmare comes from a state of consciousness.

    2.The brain is made up of numerous glands and nodules which when secreting hormones can enliven consciousness to make one believe that what one is experiencing is real. LSD proved that we can mess about with the Pituitary gland and have us experience all sorts of reality appearing states.

    3.When these small nodules in the brain begin to secrete their hormones, visions and experiences which appear to be real, as real as a nightmare, or as reality itself are produced. These visions are Alien visions, and as these nodules are common to everyone, everyone sees an Alien in the same way as everyone else – the so called bug eyed thin lipped type. Just as dreams and nightmares are common to us all, we can all dream the same type of thing with slight variations – so too are these Alien dreams.

    4.An example which I know to be true was when I was holding a meditative evening with 12 people. After 2 hrs of being in that stillness and silence state, we all heard a knock at the door. One person asked if he should answer the door. I said that I would. I opened the door, and there in front of me were small bug eyed men in silver suits, pointing what looked like a trumpet at my stomach. Our conversation was mental. No sound was emitted. This horn like gun, then produces a staggered jolt of what felt like an electrical current into my stomach. After a few seconds, I asked them to stop as the people in the room would not be able to stand it. They did stop.

    5.The interesting thing is that my two Siamese cats, who used to run up and down the hallway of the bldg would not go out that door. Their fur was exploding outwards as was their tails. They did not leave the apt for 2 days.

    6.That was over 50 years ago, and even in those days, I knew this event was all mental, due to all of us being in the same state of consciousness, which allowed all our nodules to secrete the “Alien Hormone”

    7.Scars on the captive humans? It is well known the mind can produce punctures and cuts on ones own body – known as the Stigmata Syndrome.

    So to me Joe – No such thing as Aliens – its all in the mind.

    As an addendum, People think there is another planet out there like earth. Why do they think that? Anyone who has driven to a Snow storm, seeing those zillions of flakes, has had it proven by scientific tests or each 50 thousand flakes, instantly held in a frozen state, and not one the same. 7 billion people on this earth and no two people are same. What makes people believe in “other” earths is for no other reason to think they can extend the human species existence when this earth blows up from our exploding Sun.

    I dont know if this makes sense to you, but it does to me.
    Loron Winn

  7. Brian Jones   August 22, 2013 at 12:16 am

    Stick to the ufc in know way would you be the person who would get shown anything. you seem to be better at making people seem like there crazy. math is real but I wouldn’t try to teach it to a donkey because it might be a little to hard for him to comprehend just saying

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