Kerry: Chemical Weapons in Syria Killed 1,429

Kerry Chemical Weapons in Syria Killed 1,429

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry spoke at a press conference this morning on the issue of Syria, calling the country’s president Bashar al-Assad a “‘thug and a murderer.” Kerry cited an exact number of people who are believed to have been killed in alleged chemical attacks last week. The total number, 1,429, is said to include 426 children. He said there is “clear” and “compelling” evidence that the attacks occurred.

“We also know many disturbing details about the aftermath,” Kerry added, saying that United Nations inspections will not “tell us anything … we don’t already know.”

The Secretary of State also tried to assure those present that any potential action the U.S. takes in Syria will be nothing like previous military interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya. Throughout the press conference and following, U.S. stocks saw notable losses, especially the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Nasdaq Composite.

Written by Chris Bacavis

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