Manhunt for Suspected James Lee Dimaggio Dispelled in Idaho Gunfire

Manhunt for Suspected James Lee Dimaggio Dispelled in Idaho Gunfire

Officials have found Hannah Anderson and brought her kidnapper, James Lee Dimaggio, to his death in a shoot out in the Idaho Wilderness.

A horseman in the Idaho Wilderness area spotted the abducted teen with her kidnapper, and a full-scale search was launch to rescue to 16-year-old girl.

James Dimaggio was killed in the gunfire that ensued when search officials uncovered their whereabouts.

Dimaggio was a California resident and was considered to be a family friend. Dimaggio is suspected of kidnapping Hannah Anderson and allegedly killed two of her family members.

Dimaggio was shot dead by an FBI agent when he was found with Hannah Anderson in a remote part of Idaho. The massive search lasted for six days. A search contingent of 270 representatives from the FBI, the Valley and Ada County sheriffs’ offices, Idaho State Police, the U.S. Marshals Service, and the Border Patrol, all worked diligently in a collaborative effort to best assess navigation in the road-less territory and safely recover the teen.

Hannah, believed to be in sound health, is currently at the hospital receiving care and support. She will be reunited with her father on Sunday.

Investigators suspect Dimaggio of killing Christine and Ethan Anderson. Following the murders, Dimaggio allegedly set fire to his log cabin and detached garage, then he escaped with Hannah Anderson.

What ensued was a massive manhunt that included Washington, Nevada, British Columbia and Mexico’s Baja California.

A continuous stream of tip-offs came in from along the coast. Amber alerts for Dimaggio’s car were issued in five states, and the police cautioned that he might abandon his car and arm it with explosives.

A team has been sent by the FBI in an effort to investigate and understand what happened before, during and after the shooting, which happened 40 miles away from the town of Cascade. FBI policy calls for an investigation whenever an agent fires a weapon. Authorities have been reluctant to release a full disclosure on the conflict that unfolded on Saturday night.

Although a friend of Hannah Anderson has said they had noticed his strange infatuation, Brett Anderson (Hannah’s father) has said he had not noticed the suspect’s behavior. has reported a neighbor as saying, Hannah was afraid of James Dimaggio, and was unsure how to terminate the family friendship.

Dimaggio is also reported to have purchased camping gear a few weeks prior to the murders of Christina and Ethan Anderson and the kidnapping of Hannah. Her grandfather told AP news that Dimaggio claimed he was moving to Texas, and invited Christina, Ethan and Hannah to his home last weekend so that they could say their farewells.

Dimaggio worked as a telecommunications technician at The Scripps Research Institute in San Diego.

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