Michael Topolovac Growing Crave into an ‘Apple of Adult Toy Industry’

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What happens when you mix business with pleasure? A business meant to appease the eye of corporate gals, blossoms. Crave is the baby of entrepreneur Michael Topolovac and star designer Ti Chang. The two have joined forces to collaborate new, pleasurable designs. The innovative approach is imagined to build Crave into an “Apple of the adult toy industry,” states a confident Topolovac.

‘Forbes’ states the company received its kick-off when Topolovac turned to the popular resource of crowd-funding.  The product that gained significant financial entry was building a vibrator design that was discreet and USB rechargeable. The two intellects worked on merging the concept and received over $100,000 from 900 donors who thought the design was brilliant.

The landmark product called Duet
The landmark product called Duet – USB recharge capability and personal pleasure









Topolovac is a big fan of Steve Jobs and the work he accomplished, constantly looking to become as big as the tech giant (no pun intended) in terms of the adult industry. The Stanford graduate traveled to China and visited a local trade show, where he met the beautiful and savvy mind of Chang. Her design brands the name of Crave. The designer has created remarkable sex toys out of everyday items, she likes to call “foreplay jewelry.”  The daring beauty had stated to ‘Fortune’ magazine, “While we have beautifully designed iPhones and laptops, the sex-toy space is so heavily stigmatized that it doesn’t draw a lot of talent.”

Chang has  an industrial design degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a graduate degree in design from the Royal College of Art in London. She founded her former company called ‘Incoqnito.’ The budding and rare female designer spent her savings on growing her brand, until the fateful day she met Topolovac at a trade show in China. They shared a similar passion for sex, design and Crave was born in 2011.

The USB chargeable vibrator is called Duet and is the flagship item of the Crave company. The designer saw a need for discreet for on the go women who wanted to be more savvy with their adult toys, rather than hide them in a dresser draw. ‘Fortune’ shared the entrepreneur, now co-founder of Crave, Chang, discussed how initial funding was not easy:

When we first started the company, we did a crowdfunding project. We wanted to fund our [sex toy] Duet on Kickstarter but we were not actually allowed on the site. So we went to another more design-centric crowdfunding site. And I was shocked at the kind of coverage we got on Techcrunch and Gizmodo. At our peak, we were getting one tweet a minute. That was one of the things that made me realize people are looking for this. We actually made the first sex toy to be crowdfunded ever. Had we not done the project, I would have been a lot less sure. Now, we get quite a lot of fan mail. People are really glad that we’re doing what we’re doing.

Crave sells illustrative items of worth, that are complimentary and discreet, which includes; the Droplet Necklace which is a 43″ necklace which is also doubles as a nipple vibrator. The Leather Cuff Bracelet is beautifully created and doubles as handcuffs inside of the bedroom. With such innovative design, Topolovac and Change may just very well become the ‘Apple’ of the adult toy industry.

Angelina Bouc

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