Miracle Appearance at Car Crash Saves Girl (video)

Have you ever met a mysterious person who seemed to show up out of nowhere and then again, disappear without a trace?  Often times these beings relay an important and timely message to us, give us a hand at just the right moment, and from time to time, rescue those in need.  Well, such a miracle happened the other day in Missouri on the side of the road following a severe car crash when an unknown priest made a mysterious appearance and helped to save a girl.

August 4th on the Missouri 19, Katie Lentz, age 19, wrecked her Mercedes and was pinned amongst the tangled tough metal between the steering wheel and the seat.  Rescue workers tried for 45 minutes trying to free the girl with no success.  Her condition was worsening, and they feared not being able to get her out in time.  It was then that Katie, still conscious and fairly calm – likely in shock – asked if someone would pray out loud.

At these words, the doors of heaven seemed to open up and a priestly man appeared holding anointing oil.  No one knew where he came from, but all attention had been on the vehicle so no one really questioned his sudden arrival.  A prayer ensued which seemed to calm all participants present and assist them in knowing that all would go smoothly from this point forward.

Moments after the prayer ceased, the firetrucks appeared on the scene with the proper equipment to pry Katie free.  When those at the scene turned to thank the angelic priest, he was no where to be found.  Some may call it coincidence or use logic and ration to explain his discreet disappearance.  But Katie’s family as well as many rescuers on the scene admit that they believe he was an angel.  Here is the video footage recorded after the incident on the scene:

Over 70 photographs were taken on the scene and none of them contain images of the man who said the prayer. Do we believe there are angelic appearances who could perform such a task, summoning relief as here with Katie Lentz? Why not? There are many stories in the Bible and other religious texts which speak of angelic beings making regular appearances – who’s to say these things cannot happen today? For Katie and her family, this priestly appearance was the miracle that saved Katie from the mangles of her car crash. Who knows how things might have been different without the prayer and without the priest.

Metaphysics teaches that spoken prayer aligns us with the emotion and reality of the object of our desire. That by stating the affirmation of our truth in word, especially in the presence of three or more people, conjures a mystical but very real power known as manifestation. Quantum mechanics says we create the world we see by observing it with our intention. Perhaps the mutual wishes, thoughts and desires of all those involved in the rescue, when brought together by Katie’s request for prayer – was enough to manifest that which helped release her from the clutches of impending doom. However we describe it, the truth is – some unknown angelic being showed up in the nick of time and because of it – in part or in whole – one girl today lives who may not have.


Written by: Stasia Bliss

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2 Responses to "Miracle Appearance at Car Crash Saves Girl (video)"

  1. Glenda Stevenson   August 12, 2013 at 9:06 am

    Interesting…the LDS church is the only church to anoint with oil? Blessings to the family of this very lucky girl.

  2. sam   August 10, 2013 at 8:54 pm

    Praise the Name of Jesus , My Lord and Saviour !! Thank you for your Holy Choirs of Angels !! Our spiritual brothers !!

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