Nelson Mandela Not Discharged from Hospital as Confirmed by the South African Government

nm 30 aug

South Africa – international media reported that Nelson Mandela was transferred from the Pretoria Mediclinic Heart Hospital this morning to his Houghton Home. His daughter spoke to CNN News and said that he would have excellent access to the best medical doctors from his home. Sky news reported that a hospital ward had been set up at his home in Houghton for his team of doctors to monitor him around the clock.

This media report sparked a wave of reports among other communication channels and the South African New Age reported that it took its story from CNN and the BBC. This caused a ripple effect from the public of South Africa who claimed that once again the truth is being withheld from them.

As news channels scrambled for a reliable or confirm the report, the government spokesperson Mac Maharaj confirmed that he did not know of this rumor and did not want to speculate. However, an hour after this report the South African Presidency confirmed that, the media reports were actually wrong and that he was not discharged and moved to his Houghton home. The presidency confirmed that the former president Nelson Mandela remains in hospital. His condition is described as critical, and his condition is stable. They did report that there were times when he becomes unstable and reports to medical interventions.

All major news channels are now reporting that the original story of his discharge was indeed incorrect.

Nelson Mandela was admitted to the Pretoria Hospital on June 8 for a recurring lung infection, and since then the reports have remained constant regarding his health condition, ‘critical but stable’. There is speculation that there is more to this story and that the truth is being withheld from the public.

Written by Laura Oneale

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