Nokia Lumia 925 Presents 127 Seconds and Specs [Video]

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Nokia knows how to make a statement! The funny commercial titled 127 Seconds displayed how the new Lumia 925 can save your arm. The phone is touted in an upcoming release to AT&T. AT&T will offer the phone with either the Next plan or a 2-year contract for $99 upfront. T-Mobile has been selling the device since July, so of course a spec review of the Windows 8 phone was needed. Senior VP of Devices, Jeff Bradley spoke on behalf of AT&T. He stated it is the telecommunications giant that has “sold more Windows Phones than any other U.S. carrier,” and looks forward to the Lumia 925 joining the largest line-up in the industry.

So, let’s break down the specs of the Lumia 925. Some consumers are still enamoured with the Lumia 1020, and yet others are awaiting the rumored 6-inch phablet nicknamed The Bandit. The Lumia 925 still packs a pretty punch:

  • It sports a 4.5-inch display size, providing a good but not overly large screen. Lately, large displays are becoming the mandatory normal, so it’s nice to see Nokia releasing a normal screen size.
  • The commercial already advised of the Super Sensitive Touch ability of the 925. It provides a nice reprieve from spending extra money on smartphone gloves.
  •  The Sculpted, Gorilla Glass 2 display screen is a nice touch- including an easy to clean aspect.
  • The max talk time is slightly over 18 hours. With all good, there is a downside of the Lumia 925; there is no removable battery, which always makes customers a bit squeamish.
  • The Qualcomm Snapdragon will power the device with a dual-core 1.5GHz processor.
  • Customers can enjoy Direct X, Xbox Live and Touch UI.
  • The rear camera sports 8.7-megapixels PureView with an dual LED flash. One cool aspect? Consumers can visit the Photo Beamer site and register their televisions and computers. Once registered, customers can point their photos from their Lumia 925 to the screens and wela! The PhotoBeamer tool allows users to share photos with everyone in the room.

Nokia has been busy! They are releasing Microsoft branded phones and should completely take advantage of that feature. From the Lumia 1020, 928, 620, the 520 series and most popular 920- the company is looking to continuously grow. In the 2013 second quarter, Nokia sold 7.4 million handsets. This is a record over the previous sales of 5.6 million during the first quarter. Stephen Elop, Nokia’s Chief Executive stated he only sees more positive increases coming in the third quarter. Add in a fun 127 Seconds affiliated commercial and the company is attracting consumers.

For customers who can’t afford the pricey Lumia 1020, the 925 presents a better option. This is also a vast improvement over the not-so-impressive specs of the Lumia 928. The Nokia Lumia 925 is slated to arrive in AT&T stores on September 13, consumers can hit the website tonight for pre-orders.  Nokia is looking to create a bigger splash in the smartphone industry, working past the decline of feature phones. The Windows emblazoned device has always come under scrutiny for their lack of apps, but their tools and pre-loaded apps still remain an attractive call for students and employees.  Take a moment to enjoy the 125 Seconds commercial at the beginning of the article and log onto AT&T to purchase the newest Lumia tonight.

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