Political Correctness a Mind Control Tactic of the Unhinged Left

freedom of speech
The problem with ‘political correctness’ is that it is purely subjective. It has no legitimacy and no place in a free society. In America today, political correctness is nothing more than a mind control tactic used by the increasingly more unhinged Left. Those who push political correctness are the ones who set the standards for what is and is not ‘politically correct’.

The real purpose of political correctness is, of course, to control language and thereby control thought. George Orwell explored this theme in his eerily prophetic novel 1984; The language of Orwell’s terrifying totalitarian future was newspeak, a language of deliberately few words designed to ensure that the people had few thoughts and ideas. Orwell was not wrong. When you control language, you control knowledge, thought, learning and creativity. This is why freedom of speech – complete and total freedom of speech – is vital to a free and prosperous society. There is no logical argument that placing any limits upon speech is beneficial. One could argue that so-called ‘hate-speech’ should be criminalized. The problem with this is that ‘hate-speech’ cannot be defined in a way that is universally acceptable. The additional problem is that those in power are the ones who get to define what constitutes ‘hate-speech’.

The way to eliminate offensive words and phrases from the language – if one even believes that they should be eliminated – is to educate people. One common characteristic of racists and others who regularly use truly offensive language against other groups or individuals is that they are uneducated and unintelligent. Thus; raise educated, intelligent individuals and you will eliminate ‘hate-speech’.

The time-honored adage is that one shouldn’t be allowed to yell “fire!” in a crowded theatre; but why? To do so, it is argued, incites panic, but panic is not a logical emotion; it is felt only by the unintelligent: Panic is the result of a complete inability to understand one’s current situation. Were one to yell “fire!” in a theatre filled with truly intelligent people, there would be no panic: Every patron of the theatre would immediately assess the situation and do one of two things; they would determine that there is, in fact, no fire and that the alarm was a hoax or they would evacuate the premises in an orderly fashion.

Political correctness is a concept used exclusively by the Left as tool to control the conversation, the flow of ideas and – therefore – the prevailing belief-system. There are few, if any, Conservatives or Libertarians in the United States who believe that political correctness is a legitimate concept. Those on the Left, however, are increasingly obsessed with finding something over which to take offence, or to proclaim that somebody might take offence.

Witness the latest proclamation of the Seattle, WA city council: They have now decided that government workers should not use the word “citizen”, as it may be “potentially offensive”. Is there any reasonable or logical argument that the word “citizen” could be construed as offensive to anyone? No, there is not. The underlying agenda, of course, is mind-control: It is an effort to literally brainwash the population into believing that the very concept of citizenship is now meaningless and that illegal immigrants have equal rights.

Another term outlawed by the learned lunatics running Seattle – a city that no intelligent and freedom-loving American should ever set foot in – is “brown-bagging.” Obviously, the term describes the practice of taking one’s lunch to work or college, rather than buying something at lunch-time. The fact that this term has suddenly been deemed offensive is another in a long list of signs that the Left is becoming increasingly unhinged.

The outlawing of these two terms was put forward in a memo that was circulated to local government employees and subsequently leaked to a local TV station. The residents of Seattle would do well to reflect on the fact that their tax-dollars have paid for someone to come up with these ridiculous ideas.

A number of politically correct terms have already become widely accepted; “African-American” has replaced “black” – despite the fact that most black Americans describe themselves as “black”; “Native-American” has replaced “Indian”, even though a great many Indians call themselves “Indians”. This writer, who spent many years living in America’s Southwest and has known, lived with and worked with a great many Indians, or Natives – as a few call themselves – has yet to meet one who was offended at being described as “Indian”, and most used the term routinely to describe themselves and their people, regardless of the fact that inherited the term as a result of geographical ignorance. No intelligent human being could possibly take offence at being referred to as “black” or “Indian”. White people are routinely referred to as “white” and described, collectively, as “whites”; could one find a single white person in America who is offended by being referred to as “white”? No, one could not.

Political correctness, if allowed to perpetuate, will continue to creep into our language and curb our right to free speech. It has no legitimate foundation in sensitivity towards others; the very people who push the concept do not, themselves, abide by it; Democrat Charlie Rangel recently referred to the TEA Party as a bunch of “white crackers”; hardly politically correct and, most certainly, an intentional racist slur. Did one single person on the Left criticize this remark? Of course not; the Left only wants to limit what their political opponents are allowed to say. Comically enough, not a single member of the TEA Party would have found this comment any more than amusing – especially the black members, no doubt.

In 1994, during a speech at Kean College, Al Sharpton made the comment “White folks were in caves while we was building empires…We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.” Bad grammar and complete historical inaccuracy aside, by the Left’s own standards this amounted to a racist remark and a homophobic remark in the same breath. Had any Republican or prominent Conservative made a similar remark, the Left would have thrown their hands up in horror and demanded his removal from any and every office he holds. His career would have ended at that moment. Sharpton is also well-known for his anti-Semitic speech, but is always given a pass, because – of course – he is a Democrat.

The list of racist, homophobic and misogynistic remarks uttered by prominent Left-wing politicians and celebrities goes on and on, yet they continue to push the false concept of political correctness upon the rest of us. Their goal is not civility – for the Left is completely bereft of civility; their goal is mind-control and, as they become increasingly unhinged, the trend will continue unless and until reasonable, educated and intelligent Americans simply refuse to conform to it any longer.

An op/ed by Graham J Noble