Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson to Remarry?

“It’s only a matter of time,” friends say

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson to Remarry?

Prince Andrew, 53, and Sarah Ferguson, 53, also known as the Duke and Duchess of York, are reported to have rekindled their relationship, almost two decades after their divorce.  There has been much talk of the pair remarrying, an idea that friends claim is a likely one and that Prince Andrew has neither confirmed nor denied.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson to Remarry?

Royal Wedding of Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew in 1986

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson to Remarry?

The Kiss

The Duke and Duchess of York, who married in 1986 at Westminster Abbey, had split up by 1996, remaining on good terms ever since.  They first separated in 1992, after Sarah Ferguson’s major embarrassment for the royal family that landed her in the tabloids – and hot water with her in-laws – when she was photographed having her toes sucked by “financial advisor,” John Bryan.  Probably the most humiliating part about it was that she was at Balmoral Castle at the time, when the story broke.  Balmoral Castle is where the immediate members of the Royal family spend their Christmas holidays together.  She had not been invited back since.

That is, until now.  It appears that The Duchess of York may well have been welcomed back into the royal fold, as she was recently seen, in pictures published in the MailOnline today, travelling to stay for a weekend at the Queen’s Balmoral estate, in the Castle itself, with her ex-husband and two daughters, Princess Beatrice, 25, and Princess Eugenie, 23.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson to Remarry?

Together again

Friends close to the pair have claimed that they are so close that a remarriage is imminent.  One friend reportedly said,

“Mark my words, they will remarry.  It’s only a matter of time.”

Another friend was reported to say, “It wouldn’t surprise me at all.  They are a wonderful couple together and, better still, pretty amazing parents.”

While the Duke and Duchess have had their share of romantic partnerships over the years, not one of them seems to have exhibited longevity.  When asked about her relationship with Prince Andrew back in 1999, the Duchess had said, “There was no reason for Andrew and I to get divorced; there wasn’t another person in our lives to go to.  We got divorced because I had to go out to work, and Andrew and I believed that it wasn’t right for me to be commercial while I was still in the Royal family.”   She went on, “ I had to provide for my children, but not to do it on their own doorstep in this country, rubbing the Royal family’s noses in my commerciality.”

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson to Remarry?

The Duke and Duchess of York at daughter, Princess Beatrice’ Graduation

The “commerciality” spoken of here is in reference to further incidents that occurred in addition to the royally embarrassing toe-sucking incident, when the Duchess was secretly recorded and publicly exposed trying to sell entrée to her husband for the sum of $778,650.00, to what she hadn’t then realized was a clandestine news reporter.  When the story broke, it was then revealed that the Duchess was in debt to the tune of $ 4,671,900.

Her former father-in-law and the Queen’s husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, has never forgiven Sarah Ferguson for the embarrassment she caused the Royal family.  He is said to be perplexed by the couple’s affiliation.  Since the Duchess’ debt crises, Prince Andrew has reportedly bailed her out of her difficulties.  He has also never once criticized her and has always shown his support.

It also appears that the subject of talks on Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s possible remarriage is not a new one.  During an interview in 2000, the Duchess had said that she and her ex-husband had been discussing a formal reunion, but that the Duke of Edinburgh forbade it.  Perhaps her former father-in-law has lost his influence?  The Duke of Edinburgh seems to be taking a back seat, since his recent surgery and appears to be looking rather frail.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson to Remarry?

Duke of Edinburgh taking a back seat?

However when questioned in 2009 about a possible wedding in the future, Prince Andrew was reported to have said:

“Do we have to be married?  Well, let’s put it another way, I can neither confirm nor deny the possibility.  We have two great children.  We still look after them.”

The Duke and Duchess both reside at Royal Lodge in Berkshire.  The Lodge was formerly the country home of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

Written by: Brucella Newman

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5 Responses to Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson to Remarry?

  1. adulperson September 26, 2013 at 4:43 pm

    I’m glad he stayed single prince andrew and it would be very nice if they was to get back together he and sarah! I wish charles would have stayed single too: he made a mess when he marriage a divorce with childrens and grandchildrens: I wish he would have taken care of Princess Diana even though she had her ways but so did he:

  2. Sue Robinson September 8, 2013 at 11:12 am

    Out of all the previous royal couples Andrew and Sarah seem to have the most natural and happy relationship of all. Good luck to them in the future if they do decide to marry once again….. I think I will keep my thoughts on the Duke of Edinburgh and what he thinks to myself pretty sure they wouldn`t go down too well with the establishment!

  3. Raju srivastawa September 4, 2013 at 11:51 pm

    Great couple…………….
    Must be live happily forever


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