Rihanna, Illuminati “Umbrella” (Video)

Rihanna, Illuminati "Umbrella"Our Music industry is fully exposing to our people to subliminal messages which many believe is run by the Illuminati.  Rihanna, in her new ‘Umbrella’ video depicts something many would call devil worship, more specifically, the Illuminati worship of Baphomet .

In Rihanna’s video “Umbrella,” Baphomet can be seen in one of the frames when it is paused, you cannot see it immediately as it is subliminal, your eyes do not see it, but your mind does.

Her song Umbrella, possibly is about her going over to the Illuminati, a ritual performed into the song.  The song starts off with Jay Z saying “‘Rain man’ is back with little miss sunshine Rihanna where you at?”  she respondes “you had my heart and we will never be worlds apart, your part of my entity here for infinity.”

Jay Z, is apparently not talking about himself as “rain man” is back,  actually there are two different people in the sentence, he actually introduced “rain man” to Rihanna.

People are misled to think this song is about loving a man, but in one reality it is about the fallen spirit ‘Rain Man.’  In the making of this video she said the song has a much deeper meaning to it, and that you have to listen to the words very carefully. So, after watching the video “Umbrella” below, you can attempt to see how Rihanna is ‘possessed’ by Rain Man closer to the end, as she has supposedly sold her soul to him and to the Illuminati Cult.

Written By: Landi Bezuidenhout


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