Robert Mugabe and the Rigged Zimbabwe Elections

Robert Mugabe and the Rigged Zimbabwe Elections

The Zimbabwe elections seem to be rigged as media reports continue to flood the internet with growing concerns of widespread flaws in the results. The official result giving the forceful Robert Mugabe a landslide victory is being denounced as the world begins to detect fraudulent activities.

Mugabe, the 89 years old president who has been in power since 1980 could be forced to conduct a fair and proper re-election. Western powers were not allowed to send observer teams to partake and supervise the elections. Today a senior election officer resigned from the Zimbabwe Election Commission, and this follows the resignation of another colleague who alleged that the polls did not meet the benchmarks of fairness.

The opposition party leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who has tried to beat Mugabe in three previous unsuccessful elections, remains adamant that the election was illegal and stolen. He has alleged widespread rigging and is demanding a forensic audit of the voter’s roll, ballot papers and voter registration certificates. He will use all his ability to change this.

Germany commented on the integrity of the results while Australia called for a new election. US secretary of state John Kerry described the election as deeply flawed. While Britain and The Hague have displayed concerns over the results. Closer to home the government of Botswana recommended a full audit of the results.

South African president Jacob Zuma has accepted the results and congratulated Mugabe on his victory. Perhaps he is the only one who does not recognize the truth and hoping to use the Mugabe method in the South African 2014 elections. The opposition parties in South Africa condemn this statement and stand firm on the conviction that the Zimbabwe election results is undeniably flawed.

The SADC observers are a law unto themselves and think they have a strong position in world politics, they stem from the Idi Amin and Gadaffi regime and Mugabe is characterized like them. Their prime and only concern is gaining more money and securing their little empires.

Once again, Robert Mugabe remains undaunted and will not fear what the world thinks or what the media reports. He is a man determined to continue his leadership and will not allow countries or individuals to interfere with his policies. Sanctions will not bring him to his knees, this has not made a difference to his decision policies. He will do what he set out to do and destroy everything built before the year 1900, and create a new democracy.

Written by Laura Oneale


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