Robin Thicke and Icona Pop Both Want to Make Love in a Bedroom

They Obviously Loved Thicke's Rendition

Robin Thicke and Icona Pop Both Want to Make Love in a Bedroom

Icona Pop is not a duo that will be harassing Robin Thicke for doing their song. They don’t hold any grudges and they actually thought it was pretty cool that Mister Thicke chose their song to perform on British radio. He thought that their song was excellent and really sexy. He also wanted to give it his own spin to make it sound more like Thicke and less like the Swedish duo. Robin also added that he could totally relate to the sexy theme of their song. Earlier this week he had talked about his sex life. He said that his wife was the inspiration for his controversial and sexually charged music video: “Blurred Lines.” He admits that his wife is very “naughty” in the bedroom, and that it is all thanks to him. He intimates: ’Blurred Lines is very much about my wife. It’s about how she’s a good girl, but she wants to be a bad girl. My wife is ‘Mrs. Good Girl’, but gradually over our marriage, I’ve turned her into a bad girl.” Thicke continued, “I mean naughty, sexually, yeah. I won’t get into too many details out of respect to her but she likes it all. We’ve done just about everything.”

The song might be inspired by his wife, but if she will be thrilled to learn that the whole world knows, remains to be seen. It seems like Robin Thicke and Icona Pop are both thinking about sex and they all want to make love in a bedroom. (Hopefully not all in the same one.)

One part of the Swedish duo wanted to go into detail about her opinion regarding Robin Thicke and Icona Pop’s song. Jawo said about Robin and his sexy number: “It’s so nice to hear different versions of your songs and his version was so sexy and it was like you wanted to go into a bedroom and make love… which is like a totally new [feeling] … otherwise it’s like you want to punch someone. We love it!” Robin certainly will be glad that these girls were such good sports about it, because the alternative doesn’t seem that appealing.

It might be an idea for Robin Thicke and Icona Pop to both make love in a bedroom, even if they want to do more indecent things as Robin suggested, and not the thing that usually happens when a person sings Icona Pop’s songs.

Jawo and her other half, the singer/keyboard playing half, Caroline Hjelt, had no problems convincing the public that they were the one and only masters who could perform their song. ‘I Love It’ with the proper aplomb, sexyness and overall Icona Popness it needs. The song did indicate the final minutes of their performance. However, the public reacted in no uncertain terms: they loved it. The audience was jumping up and down with glee and some awkward dance moves of their own, which blended perfectly with the song. Icona Pop had a tough time slot to fill. However, the girls could not be stopped. They had dressed themselves in their usual modern, quirky, iconic gear: a black mini dress for Jawo, which of course had some special element, and Hjelt was wearing the exact same thing, but in white. The pair blasted their usual energetic dance pop songs into the crowd, which included a lot of songs from their upcoming full-length debut.

Lollapalooza is anything but over. It will be going on all weekend and you will be able to see, if you are able to go: everyone from 2 Chainz, Icona Pop, Phoenix, Kendrick Lamar, Mumford & Sons, Lana Del Rey and many, many other worthwhile artists. It is time to get your groove on and blur some lines, Robin Thicke style.

By Georgina Pijttersen

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