Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Inch Screen Smartphone Announced

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In the race of smartphone releases, Samsung is looking to be bigger and better than the rest. The newly announced Galaxy Mega smartphone is nearly the size of the iPad mini. CNET reports the new phone will have a high definition super clear display, 1280 x 720 pixels,1.5GB of RAM and an average memory of 16GB of internal storage. The camera surprisingly is not as impressive as the Galaxy S4, sporting only 8-megapixels, for the rear camera. Samsung reports consumers will be able to choose between two colors; one being called nova black, and the other creatively named polaris white. Reports indicate the phone is slated for release later this month, suggestions even point to the potential release of the  Mega phone on August 23.

This massive phone is not something new to Europe, Russia or even South Korea; the Galaxy Mega phone is a brand-new release for the United States, for consumers demanding larger phones. Samsung maybe feeling a little bit confused as consumers were demanding a smaller version of the 5.5-inch Galaxy S4 a couple months ago. Now, the tech powerhouse is releasing one of the largest smartphones on the market today.

The Galaxy Mega phone will be highly anticipated to consumers who enjoy watching TV and movies from their phone. Curiously, it will be interesting to see how customers handle answering a phone call from a device nearly the size of a tablet. The larger screen phones have developed a name called phablets. A mix of a phone and tablet, with the accessibility of calls. Many consumers have been wanting an option, it will be interesting to see if the demand will take precedence once released.

Samsung released a press statement, advising of some of the features which contribute to the interesting use of the larger than life phone:

  • WatchON will basically be a tailored-optimized tool to an individuals television tastes and as always with Samsung, it is remote control enabled.
  • Like the Galaxy S4, there is the Air View app, which has been critiqued for some issues. Hovering a finger, instead of touching the screen should open the email viewed; this of course has been glitchy at times.
  • With this larger screen, a user can turn on the Multi-Window display. Browse a Netflix show, while responding to an e-mail on the same screen makes for business success.
  • Have tons of pictures on the phone? Story Album allows the inner creator to blossom with insertion of music, videos and even self-created subtitles.
  • Like the Galaxy Note II and S4, S Translator is available for viewing the phone in several different languages.

The features are pretty amazing, but one has to wonder at the niche this is fulfilling. Traveling workers and students on the go can already be seen as looking forward to this device. Not exactly the kind of phone one needs when an emergency call is expected, or time is of the essence. In addition, many consumers are already frustrated by the lack of cases for the Galaxy S4; it will be interesting to see how manufacturers handle the case for this in between size phablet.

AT&T has announced they will begin the sales of the Galaxy Mega this Friday. What is surprising and heavily attractive is the price of this impressive triple threat TV, phone and tablet mix- it will sell for $149.99 with a 2-year contract. The phone specs is similar to what one may already enjoy on the Galaxy Note II, so no need to rush for the device if the Note II is already owned. If the Note II seems miniscule and not capable enough of handling movie watching habits, the Galaxy Mega will be the phone to buy.

Comparison shows a pretty significant difference.
Comparison shows a pretty significant difference.

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